Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are a type of aerial work platform particularly used in construction and facility works. This classification of aerial lift are designed and used for working at low heights ranging from around 7 meters to 14 meters, but you can also find some scissor lifts with more than 15 meters reaching.

These lifts get their name from their lifting mechanism. In fact, these self-propelled platforms have a structure made of crossed tubes that open and close in the same way as a pair of scissors.

There are two categories of scissor lifts. Those for slabs and those for rough terrain.

Scissor lifts for slabs or indoor.

These are ultra-compact scissors mounted on solid, non-marking tracks. They are mainly used for indoor maintenance work such as in hangars, airports, shopping centres. The Almac range can be fitted with a battery for indoor use and are virtually silent allowing the operator to work without causing noise pollution.

Rough terrain tracked lifts

Scissor lifts for rough terrain are slightly different. They are generally wider and are mounted on studded tracks for better grip. These scissor lifts have the ability to automatically remain stable even when working on slopes up to 20 ° longitudinally and 15 ° laterally. The Almac range can be moved when lowered to approximately 7m. There is also a safe working load of up to 300Kg allowing for 2 people plus tools or equipment.