10m Tracked Scissor Lift


Due to their efficiency and safety, a scissor lift can be used for numerous applications requiring work at height. In this article we will outline with you what work requires the use of scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts for Building Maintenance

Building maintenance includes many jobs that require working at height. Replacing lighting, hanging advertising banners, laying or replacing bricks are just a few examples of applications in building maintenance. With scissor lifts, operators can work both indoors and outdoors to complete their tasks in complete safety.

Scissor lifts for Construction

Scissor lifts provide a versatile solution for construction projects that may have frequently changing environments. The Almac range has a self levelling system allowing the platform to move across rough and uneven terrain.

Scissor lifts for Warehousing

When storage is the name of the game, every vertical and horizontal inch of space must be used efficiently. Investing in a scissor lift for warehouses can open new areas for use or expedite the retrieval process.

Scissor lifts for Overhead signs

The world is full of signs that often need changing. From individual establishments to property manager multiple sites, rental or ownership of a scissor lift can alleviate many worries and headaches associated with making those changes.

Scissor Lifts for Decorating

Whether indoor or outdoor, a scissor lift is a safe and efficient way to access all areas. There is room within the basket to hold all materials and the cage can extend removing the need to constantly move the entire unit. Compared to a ladder, this solution is safer, will take less time and it is less likely that there will be a spillage or splattering of paint.