CPL are exited to invite you all to the launch of our new Customer Support Centre. The inauguration will take place across 2 days on 9th and 10th June 2022.

Map of CPLWe will be offering factory tours across all three of our sites to show you how we manufacture our market leading range of platforms. You will see the main production facility where we mount all of our van and pick up booms and see how we keep our quality to the highest level with our in house design suite, shot blast, powder coating and fabrication departments.

You will have the chance to try out several of our range including our pick ups and van mounted platforms including the new Toyota P130. This pick up cherry picker is fully type approved. The boom has a working height of 13.1m and a working outreach of 6.2m. With 240kg safe working load and a superb reputation for tackling any terrain, this model is a great workhorse.

Within the range of van mounted pickers you will be able to get to know the KL26 with no outriggers and a cutaway back, perfect for busy streets and speedy maintenance. The K38p as a cutaway and as a full van. This model is extremely versatile making it popular for smaller fleets and rental companies. We will also have a 5t K42p which can host a mobile workshop. This has been groundbreaking for the telecoms section as they no longer need to shadow a MEWP with a support van.

As UK dealers, we will have experts on site from both AlmaCrawler with their range of tracked platforms. These include the Bibbi tracked scissor lifts. These exceptional lifts have a large payload and extension capacity without having to return to the retracted position. Their bi-levelling technology allows operation across rough terrains. These products are especially popular within building maintenance and warehousing. They can be run from the battery removing all harmful pollutants for indoor work. The Jibbi range of self propelled telescopic booms are first class crawlers equipped with automatic levelling technology which allows operation on steep slopes. The Almac Range has been designed with real understanding of customer needs.

CPL are also the UK dealer and service provider for Palfinger Platforms. During our launch we will have experts from both their sales team and their aftersales/ maintenance team here to discuss your needs. We want you to feel confident as a Palfinger customer that CPL can cater for your maintenance needs no matter the size of the equipment. We will have units on site for you to test from some of our current Palfinger clients.

We have on site catering and refreshments so come along for the day and spend some time getting to know who we are, our values and what we can offer for your business to be safer and more efficient.

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