Can you use a Cherry Picker on the highway?

Whether you work at height using a cherry picker often or not, you may drive the lift on the highway depending on the job that has to be done. But do not consider cherry pickers as common vehicles like cars or buses.

To go and place your cherry picker on the highway you need to respect some requirements. Here are the 8 most common conditions to follow in order to use a cherry picker on the main road. Yet for more information we recommend you to contact your local council.

1. A single operator is responsible for the proper application of the cherry picker’s uses. No decisions nor changes should be made without the approval of the operator.

2. Five working days’ notice of the planned work must be given in writing and sent to the local council of the town where you are to work. Verbal notice of 48 hours is also an option.

3. The duration of the work shall not be longer than the nature of the work requires. In this case, the competent authorities must be informed. They must also be notified if the work is to take place at night or on public holidays.

4. Council must have access, at any time, to the operation zone in order to control whether everything is going well or not.

5. The Council has the power to terminate the authorisation to use a cherry picker on the highway if necessary.

6. During the operations, the Applicant shall take all steps to ensure that the safety and well-being of the public is not jeopardised and shall comply with all reasonable requests made by the Council in this respect. (Attention is drawn to the publication Code of Practice 3010, 1972 – “Safe Use of Cranes”, available from the British Standards Institution of 2 Park Street, London, W1A 2BS).

7. If any damage is done to the highway as a result of the works, the person responsible for the operations shall pay the cost of any necessary repairs.

8. The operator responsible for the work at height has an obligation to take all necessary and preventive measures to ensure his safety and that of road users. In accordance with what is stated in Chapter 8 of the Road Signs Manual (Road Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations)