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4 safety tips to follow when using a cherry picker

Working at heights can be a dangerous task if you do not follow the safety rule. There are many ways you can be serious injured, But, with the correct training you are able to drastically reduce those risks. Of course, using the right cherry picker is a pretty smart choice to conduct your intervention the safest way, but there are still some basic moves you can follow to further ensure your security.

In this regard, we would like to give you 4 tips for using a cherry picker to avoid the risk of injury or worse.

Check your environment

The first thing to do before getting into a cherry picker is to check the work area. Is the ground level or sloping? Is it degraded in places? Are there any particular obstacles that need to be avoided or that could potentially be dangerous for you and other road users? Even if you are working at height, it is essential, not to say vital, that you know the work area inside out in order to avoid possible risks.

Only make useful movements

A cherry picker has great mobility. Much more than any other type of lifting equipment. When working at height with such equipment, it is important not to make unnecessary or dangerous movements, such as leaning over to grab an object (a cut tree branch that does not want to fall, for example). In short, it is always better to maneuver a cherry picker to a specific area rather than to put yourself in unnecessary danger, even if you have all the safety equipment on you.

Curiosity is a dangerous flaw

One of the most underestimated dangers in our opinion is that of other road users, sometimes simply out of curiosity to see the aerial work platform in operation and will get too close to the work area. By doing this, they can put themselves and you in danger. The best advice we can give you is to mark out your intervention area with cones or barriers, to establish a safety perimeter so that no one can get too close.

Nothing better than good training

Any safety precaution will be pointless if the person using the equipment is unfamiliar with it. Working at height on a static tower or ladder is not the same as working on a moveable platform and so training should be given to all staff who use or may be called upon to use a cherry picker or any powered access platform.