What is a cherry picker? 

If you are not already familiar with the work at height environment, it is quite normal for questions to be raised about what is defined as a cherry picker. Many models exist, all with different characteristics. It is therefore important to discuss the full range we categorise as cherry pickers. 

Hybrid Cherry Picker

What is a cherry picker?

A Cherry picker is a construction machine used to facilitate access to a work area at height. They offer intervention solutions for maintenance, repair, cleaning and installation when permanent solutions do not exist. Sometimes called MEWPs, an acronym for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, these cherry pickers are designed to accommodate one or more people and have a basket for their elevation.

What kind of cherry pickers exist?

Below we have highlighted the different versions of the cherry picker, each form has its own name and characteristics designed for specific work/ access:

  • Cherry picker truck
  • Chassis mounted Cherry picker
  • Scissor cherry picker 
  • Tracked cherry picker 
  • Telescopic cherry picker 
  • Articulated cherry picker

These are the main groups but there are other terms used like van hoist and picker arm.

Cherry Pickers : Cherry picker safety standards

Depending on the country, national legislation may require the wearing of a harness when working in a cherry picker, even if the platform is systematically composed of a balustrade to avoid any risk of falling – this is the case in the United Kingdom where the regulations require that the harness be connected to an anchor point provided on the cherry picker.

There are also specific checks and tests carried out on the boom section of a cherry picker. These are known as a loler inspection. A competent trained engineer will check that the lifting arm is in a safe and well maintained state. This is a legal requirement put in place to ensure the safety of the operator and anyone in the area.

van mounted cherry picker for tree care