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KAT 42 Export Pick Up Mounted

KAT 42 Pick Up Platform

Working diagram – KAT 42 Pick Up

CPL are the first to release the KAT 42 Cherry Picker mounted on the all new Isuzu D-Max. Isuzu awarded CPL with Platinum customer status in 2019 and CPL were the first approved converters for the vehicle manufacturers.

The KAT42 version of our market leading pick up mounted platform comes with full basket rotation. The boom itself is the same leading design that was mounted on the previous models. This features a 13.4m Working height and a 6.5m Working Outreach. The Safe Working Load remains at the forefront of the market with 200kgs, and during operation the knuckle remains firmly within the confines of the vehicle envelope.

The unit keeps its class leading 24 degree departure angle, 5 degrees of stability and 7tn gross train weight along with all of the optional extras.  All of these combined make the CPL KAT 42 the best selling and most loved 4×4 cherry picker in the world.

The CPL KAT 42 Cherry Picker on a 4×4 pick up is especially popular within a number of sectors. These include: Utilities, Telecoms and Arborists.

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KAT 42 Isuzu Pick up

Technical Specification

  • Max working height 13.4m

  • Max working outreach 6.5m

  • Aerial part rotation 360°

  • Basket max load capacity 200kg

  • Basket dimension 1400mm x 700mm x 1150mm

  • Hydraulic controls

  • Stabilization A+A

  • Weight 3.5t GVW minimum


  • Self levelling basket with manual trim

  • 5 degree stability

  • 24 degree departure angle

  • Fully hydraulic controls fitted in the basket and on the deck.

  • Knuckle remains within the confines of the vehicle envelope

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