CPL Career Case Studies

We pride ourselves as a successful local company offering a variety of career opportunities for local people. Don’t just take our word for it. Here you can read about some of the success stories showing that with CPL, you can progress to any role you like with the right attitude.

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Alastair Thorpe – Lead Support Engineer

Start Date – January 2014

Start Job Title – Workshop Apprentice

Alastair has been with the company for 8 years and started here in his early 20’s with an interest in mechanics and engineering. Beginning his career in the production department, he developed a strong understanding of how our platforms are built by moving across the different processes and spending time on each aspect of the manufacturing process. This is something we stress to all new employees. It is very important to gain a full understanding of how our products are made. This way you can move through departments within the company with overall knowledge of each stage.

Over the years Alastair has become one of the leading cherry picker engineers working on several of the industries products which has gained him the skills to diagnose and repair to the highest standard including the full range of Palfinger Platforms. His interest in mechanics and how things work, along with his hard work and dedication has lead him to progress his career doing something that he loves and has a passion for.

CPL Career Case Studies

Nikolett Junger – Operations Director

Start Date – June 2018

Stat Job Title – Production Operative

Nikolett came to CPL with a great work mentality and dedication to quality but minimal experience within this industry. Originally from Hungary, she had been working within warehouses, when she moved to the UK, for a couple of years but found it wasn’t feeding her appetite to learn and develop her skills.

Starting within production, Nikolett learnt each aspect of the build process from start to finish. Once comfortable with each aspect of the manufacturing process she soon moved into the Production Supervisor position. This progression was due to her hard work, interest in the business and how to be more efficient within her role.

Nikolett has now progressed from Operations Manager to Director due to her ability to forward think and she has pride in what we produce here. Within her remit, she fully oversees the production schedule and ensures that each build is planned from components, timings, and staffing.

Within 5 years Nikolett has gone from a member of our production team to running the entire operation.

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Anna Ramsden – Marketing Manager

Start Date – June 2016

Start Job Title – Print Room Assistant

Anna has been with us for 6 years now. Initially she was employed to create and fit the safety labels for our products. She chose to apply for this role as she had a background in graphic design which she learnt at university while studying Photography.

As the role progressed, she became involved in some of our social media efforts, exhibition preparations and internal branding.

Anna has evolved to Marketing Manager within the 7 years. She is now responsible for all internal and external communications for CPL. She works closely with our commercial team and the marketing team at our parent company Klubb in Paris.

CPL previously outsource all marketing to an external agency, but Anna has made the role her own and now provides a substantial return on the marketing investment.

Anna is still very interested in design and creates all our graphics. She has developed a career doing something she is passionate about.


Mark Goddard – Process & Training Supervisor

Start Date – April 2011

Start Job Title – Mechanical Fitter

Mark has been with CPL since the very beginning. He came to work with us when there was no more than a handful of staff and a portakabin. With him he brought his knowledge of how to manufacture access platforms after spending many years in the industry.

As the company grew, Marks position changed to workshop supervisor very quickly, as he was able to plan and manage the team. After some years within this role Mark felt he would be better suited to working on the development of new designs. CPL facilitated this career change and now Mark is enjoying his final years before retirement doing what he loves the most.

Due to Marks experience and competency within this industry, he now also trains all our staff on best practice within the workplace. He has evolved his role within CPL and is a great asset to the company.

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