Used Cherry pickers for sale in the UK

Despite being a cherry picker manufacturer, we also offer used cherry pickers. We realise that it can be complicated for you to get a budget to purchase lifting equipment at the price of a new one. We therefore have van cherry pickers for sale, truck mounted cherry pickers, and used tipper truck’s to enable you to work at heights at some of the lowest purchase prices on the market, if not the lowest.



Van mounted cherry pickers for sale

These vehicles from the world’s leading brands are reconditioned in our factories and are usually ready straight away so there is no waiting for a unit to be built. From 10m to 16.80m working height, our cherry pickers for sale can be used for a wide range of business applications such as telecom network maintenance, poster installation, facade cleaning and pruning.

From our base in Kettering, Northamptonshire we can offer product support with expert advice on the right specification of lift, demonstrations, sales and training and full service and spare parts back up.


In our selection of cherry pickers for sale, you will find some used van cherry pickers. With a working heights between 10m and 15m these compact vehicles are a very good solution if you need to work at height in urban environments.

Truck mounted cherry pickers for sale

Each of the used cherry picker trucks we put on sale we ensure they have been through a thorough test at our factory. All the trucks on auction, whether a Renault model, Iveco or volvo, include a telescopic arm. You have the choice of working height from 16m to 20m – and a working outreach of 8m to 11m. If you are interested in buying one of these truck mounted cherry pickers for sale do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Used Tracked Cherry Pickers

Tracked cherry pickers for sale are ideal for working on congested or difficult to access sites. Their lightness allows them to roll on floating floors, while their compactness allows the crossing of narrow passages, obstacles and steps. Once in place, tracked cherry pickers for sale can safely raise up to 15 m in height, one or two people and their tools. As a compact, light and efficient means of elevation, used spider lifts will allow you to carry out work at heights up to 15 m, both indoors and outdoors. Their dimensions will allow you to cross the narrowest and most difficult to access passages.


How to buy used cherry picker?

Cherry pickers also known as MEWPs provide a safe means for people to conduct temporary work at height. When choosing used cherry picker, you have to conform to the safety legislation and meet the appropriate standards in the location where cherry picker will be operating before it can be used. Every cherry picker for sale have to be delivered in a safe working condition, with all safety devices functional.

Safety legislation and standards that relate to the use of cherry picker will typically cover:

■ The design and manufacture of the cherry picker and whether it can be sold or supplied for use in that country
■ requirement to supply equipment in a secure working condition
■ providing a secure worksite

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Other relevant legislation may include:

■ Occupational health & safety laws
■ machinery directives
■ road traffic/highways laws (only for vehicle-mounted cherry pickers)
■ engine emission directives/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards
■ standards covering the design, testing and operational requirements of cherry pickers
■ codes of practice

This means in practice that:

■ Suppliers of cherry pickers must ensure that their fleet of MEWP complies legal, safety and operational standards;
■ employers must ensure all operators have been adequately trained in the safe operation of the cherry picker.


How to buy used cherry picker for sale ?

Each cherry picker have to be supplied along with the following documentation:

■ Operator’s manual/operating instructions;
■ CE declaration of conformity (in Europe);
■ Manufacturer Test Report, produced when the machine is manufactured;
■ documentation/records of : Modifications, including necessary evidence of conformity to relevant design standards; retrofits; and manufacturer’s technical/safety bulletins.

Maintenance records should also be supplied, and should include:

■ Maintenance history and related records;
■ evidence of periodic inspections (usually six-monthly or annual) records;
■ major inspection records.

These records are required to demonstrate the safe working condition of the cherry picker.

Manufacturer’s compliance plate and decals

Check that the compliance plate:

■ References the standards to which the cherry picker conforms
■ provides the operating limits of the cherry picker

When purchasing your used cherry picker, the manufacturer is required to provide you with the list of legal decals – often in the user manual for the lifting platform to be sold. It is your duty to check whether these decals are correctly placed and legible.

Register the cherry picker with the manufacturer

This will enable you to check that all relevant recommended safety updates have been carried out and you are notified of any future updates, warnings or recalls.

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