A truck mounted cherry picker, also called bucket truck or cherry picker lorry, refers to an aerial lift mounted on a 3.5 tons (or more) truck or lorry chassis. This is a versatile and reliable vehicle used for accessing difficult and high work areas.

Versatile Truck and Chassis mounted for multiple industries

Numerous industries need truck mounted cherry pickers like rental and leasing companies, construction companies, facilities, green technology companies etc..

Lifting system

Cherry picker trucks are known for their hydraulic lifting system. Such components contribute to the efficiency, reliability and maintenance cost of the vehicle engine and safety at work then. We can count up to 4 major benefits coming from hydraulic valve lifters on truck cherry picker : 
  • They help reduce noise and vibration so that the arm can move more precisely and in silence. 
  • They enhance engine performance by maintaining consistent valve timing and lift which contribute to optimise combustion efficiency, power output, and fuel economy.
  • Hydraulic lifters are self-adjusting which means they help cherry picker arm achieve a smoother and more stable idle, which contributes to a more comfortable experience for the operator.
  • The hydraulic system in a cherry picker distributes the load evenly across the boom. This uniform load distribution prevents excessive strain on any single part of the boom, thereby reducing the risk of wear and tear on specific components.

Telescopic arm or articulated arm 

There are 2 types of truck mounted cherry picker, those with a telescopic arm and those with articulated arm. The choice depends solely on the work to be done. The main benefit of using telescopic lift is that you can access directly to the working area. Truck telescopic lifts are for example suitable for CCTV maintenance and installation of street lighting maintenance. On the contrary, articulated arms aim to move you around an obstacle. Most models can  swivel in any direction. This type or arm is quiet suitable for bridge operations or tree pruning.  This difference in mechanism means that the telescopic arm will have a greater working height than the articulated arm. This is a disadvantage for the latter, which is not actually the case since the articulated arm can also be suitable for indoor operations.

Truck cherry picker working height

Depending on the model, truck mounted cherry pickers can help you reach various working height areas. The lower can elevate you up to 12 meters which is a perfect height for a street lighting job. The higher can elevate you up to 90 meters and is suitable for particular work at height in the construction industry. 

Working load

Another specificity of cherry picker trucks is that the higher they allow you to reach, the higher their payload capacity. This allows you to work with up to 3 operators in the same basket while having the appropriate equipment and materials for your mission. The payload of a cherry picker truck varies from 120kg (for models without stabilizers) to more than 530kg.For your safety, we remind you that it is strictly forbidden to exceed, even by a few kilograms, the maximum payload of your cherry picker truck. In such a case, you run the risk of tipping the basket, being hindered in your movements, and additionally promoting injuries or falls.