CPL is built on values...

These are reflected externally to our customers and our suppliers, and internally to our dedicated team.




Company values play a crucial role in shaping the culture, behaviour and overall success of an organisation. They serve as guiding principles that influence decision-making, shape relationships, and define the company’s identity. When company values are well-defined and consistently upheld, they create a strong foundation for a positive work environment and foster a sense of unity among employees.


Company values provide a framework for how employees should conduct themselves, make decisions, and interact with others. Values such as dependability, respect, and commitment are instrumental in building a positive work environment, fostering strong relationships, and driving the success of the organisation. By upholding these values, CPL can establish a reputation for excellence, trustworthiness, and long-term success.


Respect is an essential value that sets the tone for how individuals within CPL interact with one another and external stakeholders. A respectful work environment promotes open communication, active listening and empathy. When employees feel respected, they are more likely to collaborate effectively, share ideas, and support one another. Respect also extends to clients, customers, and partners, fostering positive and long-lasting relationships.


Commitment is a value that demonstrates dedication and determination to CPL’s mission, goals, and vision. Committed employees go the extra mile, strive for excellence, and take ownership of their work. A culture of commitment encourages employees to invest their time, energy, and skills into achieving shared objectives. When employees are committed, they are more likely to exhibit loyalty, innovation, and resilience, which are essential qualities for a thriving organisation and a high quality product.


Being dependable means that the CPL team can be relied upon to fulfil promises, meet deadlines, and deliver high-quality product consistently. Dependability builds trust with clients, customers, and stakeholders, as they can count on the company to deliver on its commitments. Internally, dependability fosters a sense of reliability and accountability among employees, promoting a strong ethic and a culture of excellence.


We strive for Quality Products, Services and People

The CPL ethos promotes trust with transparency, and ensures that everyones voice is heard. The team here at CPL have a voice straight to the higher management team and our customer feedback is what our products are built on.

Diversity also plays a large part in our success. The organisation is made up of over 20 nationalities and there are an equal number of men and women on the board. This ensures decisions are made while taking into consideration all perspectives.

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