CPL work with several different industries that have specific needs for their work at height. We have a vast range of Cherry pickers specifically designed to suit all sectors within the UK and Europe.


Accessing installation points can be a tricky business, especially in telecommunication businesses. Fibre networks has been massively invested in by the UK government and businesses helping to roll out the future network systems need to safely instal the equipment in a cost-effective manner.

Whilst building relationships with our customers, finding out what troubles they have and on the other hand, what else can be added to their platform to make work easier for them, we find that our KL32 cherry pickers fits all the right criteria for them.

Openreach 12m Cherry Picker

Engineers installing fibre network points tend to only require single operator in the basket. Our KL32 1 man basket platform can be safely used without outriggers which is it does not have any. Removing the outriggers reduces weight and increases payload, it is quicker to deploy the platform and start working right away, and lastly, there is less maintenance on the machine, increasing longevity whilst reducing maintenance costs.

The 400kg payload on the KL32 ensures operators managers that their engineers can carry all the equipment they require to do the job whilst not running the risk of an overweight van. This is a very important subject to be familiar with as the reprimands for running an overweight van can be very costly.

For comms work that requires going on the beaten path, our P130 4×4 platform offers a perfect solution for access on rough terrain. The P130 platform comes type approved with BF Goodrich all terrain tyres, and our uprated 3.5T air suspension allows operators to raise/lower the suspension so ground clearance is no longer a worry. The 13m boom with over 6m outreach allows the operator a little forgiveness if they cannot drive directly up to the access point.

The KL32 coupled with our P130 ensures we have a solution for the telecommunication market, whether it be in the heart of London or more rural area, access has never been easier in our platforms.


CPL has been very successful in the arborist sector. This is because we have a product catalogue that fits the market extremely well.

We have seen tree surgeons up and down the country express their praise for our Pick up platform. This CPL platform is a 13m boom with over 6m of outreach mounted to a choice of Isuzu D Max or Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickups. Both vehicle conversions will come type approved with BF Goodrich all terrain tyres and our 3.5T air suspension upgrade.

17m chassis mounted boom

Chipper tippers are also available here at CPL. We use the same base vehicles as our P130 conversions, the all-terrain tyres and more importantly air suspension upgrade. The suspension upgrade cannot be understated. When carrying chip and the bed drops down due to weight, the driver can inflate the airbags on the suspension which raises the bed back to its original position.

On the P130, we can change the basket from plastic to aluminium, a more substantial material when felling trees. The option to have a tow bar and ball pin on the P130 offers a full tree felling experience, being able to tow a chipper. We see this option a lot on our tippers too. There is also a wealth of more options we can offer to truly make the platform exactly how you want it.

Klubb Group have designed a new 3.5t Chassis range from 17m to 20m. The telescopic booms have been mounted on an Iveco Daily. The telescopic aspect allows the vehicle to be parked away from hard to reach areas and tele out to work on the trees.

The last product we also have is our range of Palfinger Spider products. Spider platforms are extremely useful for when the access point is in an extremely narrow area. The narrow tracks allow spider platforms to get into places vehicles cannot go. Our spider range is provided by Palfinger platforms and offers working height from 13m to 25m.


Our lift platforms are easy to operate and all our products up to 13.8m can be mounted on 3.5T vehicles, this means they are ideal for the rental market.

The most popular model for the rental market we see is our K38p platform. This has the ‘traditional’ set up. With a 2-man basket and outriggers, the 13.8m boom can reach a lateral distance of 8m. This layout with the cage boom is what the rental market here in the UK is used to.

Van mount for rental sector

There has been an increase in adoption of our cutaway design. Our KL26 (on 3.5T  vans), KL32 (on 4.5T vans) and K38p(on 3.5T and 4.5T vans) models are all available as cutaways. The cutaway design sees the rear door and part of the panel of the van removed and replaced with a fibreglass cut design which is sealed and weatherproof. What this does is increase payload by 50kg and allows the interior back of the van to be a fully usable space. Our customers have different ways of using this for example without any doors in the way, the back of the van is fully rackable. Poly lining the van along with fully customised racking gives a whole new dimension to what is possible in the back of the van. We also offer a ladder holder that runs down the internal side of the conversion for those hard to reach areas.

Another extremely popular model in the rental market is our P130 4×4 platform mounted on both the D-Max and the Hilux. As the unit is 3.5T it can be hired on self-drive. These Cherry Pickers can have bespoke toolboxes fitted, can be chapter 8 marked and with its type approval there will be no questions asked on any sites about safety certification. What sets the P130 apart is the usability of the machine. It can drive anywhere with its all-terrain tyres and 4×4 capabilities. The platform has an extremely versatile working diagram, and the hydraulic controls offer extremely precise controls and equally extreme durability as there are very few electronics on the controls there is less to go wrong with it.

Every one of our lift platforms has a QR code which links to manufacturer training videos including setting the machine up and emergency controls. This type of forward thinking allows rental companies the peace of mind that everybody who rents that machine has access to help prevent operator error.


Firms installing security systems such as burglar and fire alarms will very often have to use Cherry Pickers with good outreach and height to make sure these systems can be fitted in the most ideal location.

Our findings when building relationships with security businesses are: payload is extremely important, general working height between 11 and 13 metres and having areas to store equipment securely is required.

The K38p Cherry Pickers with a working height of 13.8m and 8m of outreach is an ideal platform for business operating in the security sector.


Our K38p has 200kg of payload and with the manoeuvrable cage boom, the platform has that extra usability when needing to get that little bit further. If your business is mainly operating in a more urban environment, the K38 is also available as a cutaway platform. The working diagram is not compromised when the van becomes a cutaway, so when navigating tight streets, the compact dimensions of the cutaway van really come into their own.

We have also seen the K26 cutaway gain popularity with security installation firms. This is due to the excellent payload capacity of over 500kgs, allowing operators to carry all the gear required for the day without having to make extra trips to collect other materials needed for the job, increasing efficiency whilst minimising downtime and running costs. As the KL26 cutaway has such a large payload, bespoke racking can be fitted to fully convert the back of the van into a mobile workshop.

The P130 4×4 Cherry Pickers mounted to either an Isuzu D Max or Toyota Hilux is another popular model in our catalogue for the security sector. For businesses who are in more rural areas, the P130 platforms 4×4 capabilities allows the machine to go off road and work ‘off the beaten track’, with the 13m boom with over 6m outreach, the platform can complete working at height up to 13m wherever the works may be. We can fit different combinations of toolboxes to the bed of the P130 so safely securing tools is possible.

CPL have a wide range of products that can be tailored to individual needs, get in touch to see how we can help you work at height better.

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