CPL work with several different industries that have specific needs for their work at height. We have a vast range of Cherry pickers specifically designed to suit all sectors within the UK and Europe.


Accessing installation points can be a tricky business, especially in telecommunication businesses. Fibre networks has been massively invested in by the UK government and businesses helping to roll out the future network systems need to safely instal the equipment in a cost-effective manner.

Whilst building relationships with our customers, finding out what troubles they have and on the other hand, what else can be added to their platform to make work easier for them, we find that our KL32 cherry pickers fits all the right criteria for them.

Openreach 12m Cherry Picker


CPL has been very successful in the arborist sector. This is because we have a product catalogue that fits the market extremely well.

We have seen tree surgeons up and down the country express their praise for our Pick up platform. This CPL platform is a 13m boom with over 6m of outreach mounted to a choice of Isuzu D Max or Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickups. Both vehicle conversions will come type approved with BF Goodrich all terrain tyres and our 3.5T air suspension upgrade.

17m chassis mounted boom


Our lift platforms are easy to operate and all our products up to 13.8m can be mounted on 3.5T vehicles, this means they are ideal for the rental market.

The most popular model for the rental market we see is our K38p platform. This has the ‘traditional’ set up. With a 2-man basket and outriggers, the 13.8m boom can reach a lateral distance of 8m. This layout with the cage boom is what the rental market here in the UK is used to.

Van mount for rental sector


Firms installing security systems such as burglar and fire alarms will very often have to use Cherry Pickers with good outreach and height to make sure these systems can be fitted in the most ideal location.

Our findings when building relationships with security businesses are: payload is extremely important, general working height between 11 and 13 metres and having areas to store equipment securely is required.

The K38p Cherry Pickers with a working height of 13.8m and 8m of outreach is an ideal platform for business operating in the security sector.


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