Council Tree Officers test our 22m Spider

    Case Study Description

    It all started with a simple demonstration

    CPL recently carried out a demonstration of the Dino 220XTC ll in Scotland. The end user was looking for a solution to enable the safe and efficient maintenance of their green spaces. They had previously hired various access solutions from local rental companies, but due to the regular usage, they felt it was time to procure an asset for their fleet.

    After some time investigating solutions, they sent a web enquiry to CPL asking for some information on the 22m Dino Spider. This solution caught the eye of the Tree Officer due to several factors. These included;

    • The outriggers are attached to the legs. This prevents any operator failure to place them, and it saves time when setting up the machine.
    • The platform works within the envelope of the outriggers. This prevents collisions with traffic and ensures the safest possible option for the operator, road users and any pedestrians.
    • The boom has a 360 degree rotation allowing the operator to be more efficient when working at height.
    • The team were very impressed with the working height and outreach capabilities with 2 men in the basket.

    The Dino 220XTC ll is fast becoming a popular access solution for the Arborist community due to its unique design. The unit has been developed with feedback from the Tree Surgeon sector which  ensures it is fit for purpose.

    This 22m Spider is towable on a 3.5t license making it straight forward to move across different sites by all the team members.

    The feedback received about this solution solidifies its place within a sector that can be considered one of the most dangerous, due to the tools and work at height.

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