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    Enhancing Street Lighting Maintenance the Van Cherry Picker K42P

    Efficient street lighting maintenance is crucial for ensuring safety, visibility, and the overall well-being of communities. As cities and towns continue to grow, street lighting systems become more extensive and complex. To meet the challenges of maintaining streetlights in a safe and efficient manner, the 14.8m Van-Mounted Cherry Picker K42P from CPL emerges as an indispensable tool. This article explores the features of this product and how it will benefit the street lighting maintenance industry.

    The 14.8m Van-Mounted Cherry Picker K42P, designed and developed by CPL, for the street lighting sector, stands as a strong solution for street lighting maintenance. It boasts a sturdy and reliable build, incorporating advanced features that enhance safety, mobility, and efficiency. As a versatile platform, it an invaluable addition to any street lighting maintenance fleet.

    Key Features

    • Impressive Reach: With a working height of 14.8 meters and a lateral outreach of 8.9 meters, the K42P cherry picker can access all hard-to-reach lighting fixtures. This impressive reach eliminates the need for additional equipment, reducing setup time and increasing productivity.
    • Hydraulic Controls: The cherry picker’s user-friendly hydraulic controls enable precise and smooth movements. The intuitive design allows operators to swiftly manoeuvre the platform, granting them easy access to lighting fixtures at various angles.
    • Efficient Power Source: The cherry picker is equipped with a low-emission engine, promoting environmental sustainability while minimising fuel consumption. This feature not only reduces operating costs but also aligns with the growing focus on eco-friendly practices and low emission zone criteria.
    • Payload and space: The K42p is mounted on a 5.2t Iveco Daily. The rear of the van has ample space for racking and shelving solutions. This design has a spare payload of up to 1.4t whichK42p-stock-internals ensures you can carry all of the necessary equipment for Streetlighting maintenance.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in the 14.8m Van-Mounted Cherry Picker K42P proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Its reliability and low fuel consumption translate into reduced maintenance and operational costs, delivering a significant return on investment over time.
    • Versatility and Accessibility: The cherry picker’s ability to access confined and elevated spaces with ease ensures that every street lighting fixture is efficiently serviced. This versatility is essential for modern street lighting systems that are often complex and densely installed.

    The 14.8m Van-Mounted Cherry Picker K42P from CPL exemplifies the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and safety. As cities and towns continue to expand, the demand for reliable street lighting maintenance escalates. The K42P cherry picker steps up to this challenge, providing a solution that simplifies the process, improves worker safety, and contributes to cost savings in the long term. With its impressive features and benefits, it undoubtedly proves to be an indispensable asset for any street lighting maintenance fleet, illuminating our roads and enhancing safety in our communities.

    We have built some stock units of the K42p Iveco. If you are looking to expand or renew your fleet due to a new contract, book a demo and test this solution.



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