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11,20m Single Man Lift KL21B


Working diagram – KL21B Klubb one man lift on a 3t Van

The KL21B Single man lift is one of the most compact innovations designed by the Klubb group.

Although very compact, this lift has an impressive 11.2m Working height and 6.0m Working Outreach. For a speedy set up, the 11,2m single man lift on a 3t van is designed with no outriggers and a single man basket with a 120Kg weight capacity, enough to lift one man and tools. It is perfect for working within busy streets or narrow spaces as the width of the vehicle does not expand due to the deployment of outriggers which also add weight. Without them there is a great payload for tools, maintenance equipment etc.

With 360° boom rotation, this compact single man lift can get into hard to reach areas.

All of the CPL, Klubb Group conversions can be fitted with Green Pack Technology. This enables the boom to be operated with the engine switched off. Not only is this good for the environment, it is more cost effective as the vehicle is not sat ticking over and it is silent which is important if you are working at night or in sensitive areas where noise is an issue.

The KL21B single man lift can be mounted on a variety of compact 3t vans including, Renault Trafic L1H1/L2H1, Ford Transit Custom L1H1/L2H1, Peugeot Expert L2H1.

This aerial platform can be fitted with a number of optional extras to make it the perfect partner for your work at height. These include: Beacons, Chapter 8 chevrons, reversing camera, full internal ply or poly lining, Front and rear LED flashers, plus a large range of other options.

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KL21b Van Mount
KL21B Peugeot Van Mount

Technical Specification

  • Max Working Height 11.2M*

  • Max Working Outreach 6.0M

  • Rotation 360°

  • Walk in fibreglass or plastic duck under insulated basket

    *Depending on Installation


  • Independent emergency electric pump

  • 1Kv boom and basket protection

  • Fully electro/hydraulic controls fitted in the basket

  • Electric emergency decent controls fitted in the basket and on the turret

11,2m Van Mounted Cherry Picker KL21B2022-06-14T10:10:51+01:00
11,8m Van Mounted Cherry Picker KL262022-06-14T10:10:00+01:00
12,3m Van Mounted Cherry Picker KL322022-06-14T10:11:26+01:00
11,9m Van Mount Cherry Picker KL322022-06-14T10:11:59+01:00