CPL commit to shorter lead times on Van Mounted Platforms

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CPL commit to shorter lead times on Van Mounted Platforms

At CPL we understand that lead times make a big difference to the efficiency of your business. That’s why we have made efforts to add weekly build slots for our Van Mounted Platforms.. The KL26 Renault Master and the K38p Renault Master are both versatile and cover the needs of a broad range of sectors.


Outstanding Reach and Versatility: Both the K38p and the KL26 have been designed as Ying and Yang. The K38p has a working height of 13.8m and an outreach of 8.2m. It is a traditional build with outriggers but is extremely versatile across multiple sectors.

The KL26 has a working height of 11.8m and an outreach of 6.8m. It has been designed as a cutaway van with no outriggers. This along with the cutaway design allows for greater payload.

Efficient Design: The rear of the K38p is used as a mobile workshop. Shelving and other storage solutions are fitted to make the working day completely efficient.
The KL26 is specifically manufactured for short jobs, like changing lighting components. The lightweight design allows for more equipment to be stored and without outriggers, the machine can be up and down as quickly as it takes the engineer to carry out their task.


Enhanced Productivity with Smooth Operation: Equipped with advanced controls and intuitive interfaces, these Van Mount Platforms provides smooth and precise operation. The controls allow for seamless movements, enabling operators to focus on the task at hand. The efficient operation contributes to increased productivity, making it a valuable asset for businesses.

Stability and Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any elevated work operation, and this CPL Van Mounts ensure a secure working environment. The platforms are designed with stability in mind whether they have outriggers or not. Additionally, it incorporates safety measures such as emergency lowering systems and overload protection, prioritising the well-being of operators.

Adaptable for Various Applications: These van mounts are a versatile tools that can be adapted to a multitude of applications. From maintenance and repair tasks, these platforms serves a wide array of industries, making them a strong investment for businesses requiring elevated access in diverse scenarios.

Cost-Effective Operation and Maintenance: Incorporating modern engineering and high-quality materials, these Van Mounts are designed for durability and longevity. The robust construction and reliable components minimise maintenance requirements, leading to cost-effective operation over the platform’s lifespan. This translates into a favourable return on investment for businesses.
Environmentally Conscious Design: CPL has integrated environmentally conscious design principles into its van mounts. All of the van platforms can be fitted with a Green pack. This allows the boom to operate on a battery while the vehicle engine is switched off. The KL26 is available as a full electric unit, mounted on a Renault E-Tech.

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