The KL26 with no legs is a fibre favourite

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The KL26 with no legs is a fibre favourite

The KL26 cut van mount has become a firm favourite for the fibre roll out.

11.8m Van MountWith the fibre rollout well under way, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of KL26 cutaway van mounts ordered.

The KL26 Van Mount has been mounted on a 3.5t Renault Master with a cutaway back and no outriggers. This allows for a greater payload but leaves an area for a mobile workshop or storage solutions. The boom has a working height of 11.8m and an outreach of 6.5m. The safe working load in the basket is 120Kg, designed for 1 man and tools.

The KL26 aerial platform cut van is compact preventing disturbance to traffic and pedestrians when it is parked. The cutaway version allows for much easier maneuverability, a very important aspect when the operator is working close to main roads or in busy areas.KL26 Renault Master

This 1 man platform has been designed without the need for outriggers. No outriggers mean that the operator can quickly set up the machine and carry out the work in a very short amount of time.

CPL, Part of the Klubb Group, work with customers to ensure they are ordering the correct piece of equipment needed for their work.

All of our van mount conversions can be fitted with Green pack technology. This allows the boom to run off battery power while the vehicle engine is switched off. With the cost of fuel at the moment, we worked out that this is a saving of £3,000.00 per unit per year which would be the fuel consumption if the engine was ticking over which operating the boom.

This model is also available as a fully electric conversion when mounted on a Renault Master ZE.

To discuss the most efficient platform for your work at height, Contact us.


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