CPL Spotlight – 28m Self Propelled DINO 280RXT

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CPL Spotlight – 28m Self Propelled DINO 280RXT

A 28m Self Propelled Boom Lift with Versatility and Efficiency

The Dino 280RXT is a lightweight and versatile boom lift designed to tackle various work environments. With its electric motor for boom movement, and impressive features, this machine offers cost-efficiency, ease of transport, and exceptional performance. In this article, we will explore the best sectors for the DINO 280RXT, its specific pros, optional extras, and conclude with why it stands out as an excellent choice in the industry.

The DINO 280RXT finds its applications in a wide range of sectors, including:

The Dino 280RXT with a working height of up to 28metres is  particularly well-suited for rental companies specialising in access equipment rental. Its versatility and ease of use make it a popular choice among rental businesses. From construction projects to industrial maintenance, the Dino 280RXT provides a reliable solution for accessing elevated areas. The machine’s diesel operation and efficient performance make it an attractive option for customers seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective equipment, it also comes as an electric option.

Retail Parks typically consist of multiple buildings, warehouses, and commercial spaces that require regular maintenance. The Dino 280RXT proves invaluable in such environments, providing access to elevated areas, of up to 28metres, like roofs, gutters, and signage. Its lightweight design of 4.8T and impressive outreach of 16metres allow maintenance teams to navigate trading estates efficiently. Additionally, the operation of the boom lift ensures minimal disruption to businesses operating within the trading estate.

Highway and road maintenance projects often involve working at elevated heights, such as bridges, signs, and lighting fixtures. The Dino 280RXT excels in these scenarios, providing workers with a safe and reliable platform for carrying out maintenance tasks. Its robust diesel engine, which has excellent gradeability of up to 40%, and four-wheel drive capabilities enable it to handle rough terrains commonly encountered in highway maintenance. The electric operation of the boom lift also contributes to a cleaner and quieter work environment along highways and roadways.

The Dino 280RXT finds significant utility in construction and industrial settings. Whether it’s installing overhead structures, conducting inspections, or performing maintenance tasks, the boom lift offers versatility and efficiency. Its impressive working height of 28metres, outreach of up to 16metres , and lifting capacity of 230kg make it suitable for various applications, such as equipment installation, painting, and general maintenance.

The DINO 280RXT offers several specific advantages that set it apart:

One of the standout features of the Dino 280RXT is its electric motor, which powers its operations. This electric motor for boom movements, brings several significant advantages. Firstly, it ensures silent operation, making it ideal for working in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas, hospitals, and schools. The absence of engine noise reduces disturbance to nearby occupants and allows work to be carried out without causing unnecessary disruptions.

The electric motor of the Dino 280RXT contributes to its environmentally friendly profile. With zero emissions during operation, it helps reduce carbon footprint and air pollution. This aspect is particularly important for projects and sectors that prioritise sustainability and comply with strict environmental regulations. By opting for an electric boom lift like the DINO 280RXT, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to eco-responsibility.

The Dino 280RXT offers exceptional performance and efficiency. Its powerful diesel engine and excellent gradeability of up to 40% allow it to navigate challenging terrains with ease, making it well-suited for outdoor applications. The boom lift’s lightweight design ensures low ground pressure, enabling it to move smoothly on soft surfaces without causing damage or disruptions. This feature is particularly beneficial for projects where ground protection is a priority, such as landscaping, park maintenance, or sensitive construction sites.

It boasts up to four simultaneous boom movements, providing exceptional versatility to operators. This flexibility allows for precise positioning of the basket, making it easier to reach specific areas or manoeuvre around obstacles. The proportional boom control further enhances the operator’s control and precision, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

The 28m platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It’s easy-entry basket allows operators to access the platform quickly and comfortably. Once in the basket, the controls are intuitively placed, making operation straightforward and efficient. Additionally, routine maintenance tasks are simplified, thanks to the machine’s accessible components and well-designed maintenance points. This ease of use and maintenance reduces downtime and enhances overall productivity.

The 280RXT prioritises operator safety with its advanced safety features. The boom lift is equipped with Dino SafeGuard, a secondary guarding system that provides additional protection against entrapment. LED working lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring safe operation in various work environments. These safety features contribute to a secure and protected working environment for operators.

The DINO 280RXT can be customised with optional extras to meet specific project requirements, such as:

While the Dino 280RXT already boasts electric operation, an additional electric motor 230 VAC for boom movements can be included as an optional extra. This feature allows for completely silent and emission-free operation during all boom movements, providing even greater environmental benefits and ensuring minimal disruption in noise-sensitive areas.

For projects that require additional power supply on-site, a hydraulic generator 3.5kW can be installed as an optional extra. This feature enables the boom lift to generate up to 3.5kW of power, providing a reliable source of electricity to operate tools, lighting, or other equipment directly from the platform. The hydraulic generator adds convenience and versatility to the machine, eliminating the need for separate power sources and improving overall productivity.

The machine offers flexibility in terms of tyre configurations. Various tyre options can be selected as optional extras to suit different terrain conditions and specific project requirements, these include rough terrain traction tyres as well as Trelleborg AW305 special wide turf tyres. For instance, rough terrain traction tires provide enhanced traction and stability on uneven or challenging surfaces, ensuring safe and efficient operation in demanding outdoor environments.

The inclusion of an air compressor  400 I / 12 bar as an optional extra proves beneficial for projects that involve pneumatic tools or require on-site inflation of tires or equipment. The air compressor provides a convenient and accessible source of compressed air, allowing operators to carry out tasks efficiently without the need for additional air supply equipment.

The Dino 280RXT can be equipped with additional outrigger pads and brackets as optional extras. These accessories provide increased stability and weight distribution, especially on soft or unstable ground. By expanding the footprint and distributing the load more effectively, the machine can safely operate in challenging terrains and maintain stability during elevated work.

It stands out as an exceptional diesel engine boom lift, combining efficiency, versatility, and environmental responsibility. With its electric motor, superior performance, and customisable options, it caters to various sectors, including construction, and facilities management. The DINO 280RXT provides a reliable and efficient solution for accessing elevated areas, ensuring safety and productivity in demanding work environments.

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