15m Boom Lift ticks all the boxes at power plant

    Case Study Description

    Putting the 15m Boom Lift to the Test

    CPL recently organised a customer-specific open day to address the unique needs of a long-standing client. Having previously acquired pick-up mounted platforms from us, they required a different solution for specific tasks at their plant.

    Introducing the Almacrawler Jibbi U-1570 Evo tracked platforms to the power company emerged as a robust alternative that could meet the required specifications for working at heights.

    Following a day of rigorous testing, the 15m Boom Lift was brought to the site to ensure its suitability for the task at hand. Its selection was driven by features like its basket rotation of angle of +/- 90° and lightweight towable specification.

    CPL 15m boomlift

    The crawler platform underwent thorough testing on-site to ensure its capability to perform the specified tasks. The team was particularly impressed by its ability to navigate through tight spaces, given that the JIBBI 1570 is just 1.35m wide when the tracks are retracted.

    Remarkably, this model is designed without outriggers, facilitating rapid setup and stowing, making it perfect for short-duration jobs that require efficient execution. Additionally, the ability to drive the unit without stowing it away proved to be a significant advantage for the team. The machine can be moved at heights of up to 9.5m, enhancing efficiency and time-saving without compromising safety protocols.

    This successful trial of the JIBBI 1570 reinforces its effectiveness as a versatile and efficient solution for specific tasks requiring precision and mobility at elevated heights.

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