15.40m Crawler Platform



Born from the partnership between AlmaCrawler and Multitel Pagliero, the JIBBI U-1570 EVO is an ultralight telescopic crawler platform that can be used to carry out work at heights of up to 15.40 metres.

The ultralight boom of the crawler platform produced with a special aluminium alloy allows for a sturdy yet light structure. The total weight of less than 2,900 kg makes this machine easy to transport with a standard trailer.


Technical Specification

Working Height 15.4M

Lateral Outreach 9.5m*

Safe working load 250Kg


Ultrasonic anti-collision system

Single joystick driving

Combined levelling of up to 22°

Developed according to AlmaCrawler’s innovative techniques, this self-propelled crawler employs the Dynamic and Pro-Active Leveling automatic levelling systems, which operate both to compensate for slopes of up to 22° (40%) when moving in transport conditions,and during the “driving at height” operations for automatically self-level the machine.

Features JIBBI U-1570 EVO

The JIBBI U-1570 EVO is equipped with a 3-cylinder Yanmar engine (14.1kW – 19.2 HP) and allows a maximum load capacity in the basket of 250 kg (2 operators), with a basket rotation angle of +/- 90°, a maximum outreach of 8.40 metres and the possibility to max moving height to 9.5 m.

The compact size combined with the variable undercarriagetrack width (operating configurations: 1.35 m, 1.90 m, 2.15 and 2.45 m) and the basket designed to stay in the same dimensioning width of the machine, allow for ease of use and movement, even in narrow work areas and access in confined spaces.

The JIBBI U-1570 EVO platform can also be monitored using the My Almac panel, designed to remotely manage machine settings.

In addition to the advantages described above, the JIBBI U-1570 EVO offers:

  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system;
  • Single joystick driving;
  • Cable console by AUTEC;
  • Combined levelling of up to 22°.

Optional equipment available

In order to offer its customers the possibility to have a specific product for their needs and works, AlmaCrawler has developed a series of set-ups for the JIBBI U-1570 EVO telescopic crawler platform such as:

  • Electric pump 220V-2,2Kw / 50Hz (Weight +30 Kg);
  • Radio control kit with rechargeable battery;
  • Arctic lubricant kit for cold climate;
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system;
  • Non-marking tracks.

The JIBBI U-1570 EVO is a self-levelling platform with a telescopic boom, useful for various applications and easily transportable, thet making it particularly suitable for the rental market.

Additional information



Working height

12m to 15m




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