How long is the Toyota Hilux double cab

The length of the 2023 Toyota Hilux Double Cab varies slightly depending on the specific model and variant. Generally, the length ranges from 5265 mm to 5330 mm. This variation is due to different configurations and features available in various models of the Hilux Double Cab.

Toyota Hilux double cab variants and their length

  • Toyota Hilux Workmate (4X2), 2.7L, 6-Speed Automatic: This variant has a length of 5265 mm.
  • Toyota Hilux SR5 (4X4), 2.8L, 6-Speed Automatic: The length of this model is also 5265 mm.
  • Toyota Hilux SR5 + Premium Interior (4X4), 2.8L, 6-Speed Automatic: This variant shares the same length as the SR5 model, which is 5265 mm.
  • Toyota Hilux Rogue (4X4), 2.8L, 6-Speed Automatic: The Rogue variant is slightly longer, measuring 5320 mm in length

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