How to choose the right tipper tray for your Toyota Hilux ?

When it comes to outfitting your Toyota Hilux with a tipper tray, it’s all about matching your specific needs with the right equipment. Whether you’re gearing up for construction work, agricultural tasks, or general hauling, there’s a tray out there that’s perfect for your truck. Let’s break it down to make your choice easier.

Aluminium vs steel tray

Aluminium trays are your go-to for lighter weight, which means better fuel efficiency and a higher payload capacity. They’re perfect for lighter-duty tasks and offer good resistance to rust.

Steel trays, on the other hand, are the heavy lifters of the tray world. If your work involves rough and tumble activities, a steel tray’s durability will serve you well, albeit at the cost of additional weight.

Toyota Hilux tipper with an aluminium tray
Toyota Hilux tipper with an aluminium tray

Size and fit

The Toyota Hilux comes in various shapes and sizes, from single cabs to double cabs. Ensure the tray you choose fits the specific model of your Toyota Hilux. Dimensions are key here—both in terms of the tray’s size and its weight capacity. It’s all about not overburdening your Hilux, keeping within its maximum payload rating for safety and vehicle integrity.

ATAT chipper tipper

Custom features to fit your work needs

Your work might demand special features from your tray—think toolboxes for tradesmen, ladder racks for builders, or tie-down points for secure transport. The good news is many manufacturers, including CPL Ltd offer customizable trays. Tailor your tray to your work, and you’ll amplify your Toyota Hilux tipper’s utility.

Installation and aftercare

While some might feel handy enough to tackle tray installation themselves, professional fitting can save you a headache and ensure your tray is securely attached. Also, don’t overlook the warranty. A solid warranty means peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected.

Your Toyota Hilux is a capable workhorse, and with the right tipper tray, its versatility and productivity can skyrocket. Take the time to assess your needs, consult with a vehicle conversion specialist as CPL if necessary, and choose a tray that enhances your Hilux tipper’s functionality. Your work will thank you for it.

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