Project Description

KT20 Chassis mounted access platform

Working diagram – KT20 Klubb lift chassis mounted access platform

The KT20 telescopic chassis mounted access platform is one of the new designs in a range of telescopic access platforms from 17m up to 20.6m.

This chassis mounted access platform, which has an outstanding working height of 20.6m an outreach of 12.5m and a safe working load in the basket of 300Kg.

This range of chassis boom lift has been design specifically for the rental market as they are a versatile and cost effective.

The full range is available with the Klubb Group Green pack technology. This allows the operator to use the boom while the engine is switched off. The Klubb Group have the largest range of Fully electrical vehicle mounted platforms in Europe. 

The units can also be manufactured with a variety of optional extras. These include tow bar, side ladder rack, aluminium storage lockers to name just a few.

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KT20 20m Telescopic Boom
KT20 3.5t Chassis

Technical Specification

  • Working Height – 20.60M

  • Max Working Outreach – 12.50M

  • Boom Rotation – 420°

  • Basket Max Load Capacity – 300Kg


  • Engine stop and start from the basket

  • Independent emergency manual pump

  • Proportional controls

  • Secure access to the working platform

  • Double Stabalisation

  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability

25,5m Cherry Picker Truck XTENSO 52022-06-14T11:30:49+01:00
21m Cherry Picker Truck XTENSO 42022-06-14T11:30:19+01:00
20,6m Chassis Mounted Access Platform KT202022-06-14T11:29:51+01:00
18,5m Cherry Picker Truck XTENSO 32022-06-14T11:45:21+01:00