A fully safe aerial lift system

All of the systems have two controls, one in the basket for the operator and the other can control the machine from the ground. The CPL range of platforms can vary from 120kg to 530kg safe working load in the basket depending on the conversion. All the Pickers have several safety systems which are very important for this type of machine. There is a start and stop system in the basket, electric motor in case of engine failure and independent emergency manual pump for maximum security. For more security, CPL can equip its vehicle with beacon systems for night-time operations and maximum visibility.

CPL’s products can be finished with several types of bespoke equipment to ensure full safety and visibility. These are fitted at the UK factories by our trained professionals.

Whether you are a CPL customer or not, you can benefit from a very competitive and reactive maintenance service thanks to CPL’s Customer Support and Spare Parts department.

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