8m Tracked Electric Scissor lift Bibi 870-BL



The latest addition to the Almac range of machines, the Bibi 870-BL Bi-Energy scissor lift with electro-hydraulic system and bi-leveling system is designed to work up to 7.90 meters in height. Furthermore, its use will be able to guarantee the maximum safety of its operators.

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Technical Specification

Working Height 8M

Moving Height 6.1M

Travel Height 2.8M

Safe working load 250Kg


Ability to overcome any type of slope up to 20 ° longitudinally and 15 ° laterally

User-friendly and Versatile

Extension Capacity up to 6m

Why should you choose this model?

The company’s goal is to offer solutions to every customer’s need and that simplify the various work operations. Precisely for this reason, the model proposed here is a high-performance Tracked Electric Scissor Lift which, in addition to a large capacity cabin (250 kg, or 2 people), offers numerous competitive advantages, such as the following ones:

  • Maximum performance in both outdoor and indoor operations
  • Ability to work in steep and uneven ground (leveling up to 20 ° longitudinally and 15 ° laterally)
  • Extreme maneuverability even in very small spaces
  • Ability to operate in indoor environments by taking advantage of the Lithium batteries’ autonomy
  • Long duration of use by using the electric engine

Specifically, by using the electric engine, you will have an autonomy of about six hours at full capacity.

What customization is available?

In addition to the machine standard functions, when you choose Almac as your professional partner, you can request some useful customization for your tracked lift. For the model proposed here, in fact, the following customization is available:

  • Addition of non-marking tracks
  • Color selection

Additional information



Working height

8m to 10m




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