Discover the fully electric van mount throughout September

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Discover the fully electric van mount throughout September

Throughout the month of September we will be demonstrating the fully electric van mount in the UK.

With a working height of 10M, Working Outreach of 5M and no outriggers this conversion is perfect for all urban maintenance work. with zero emission pollution and minimal noise it is quick to set up and easy to use.

The fully electric van mount can be used within busy city streets without effecting the flow of traffic or the public and the battery will run all day with just a one hour charge during a lunch break.

This month we will be at a number of electric vehicle specific shows with this fantastic innovation. we are also offering on site demonstrations throughout the whole of September.

As the exclusive UK Klubb dealer, we have access to all of the exceptional innovations designed by these experts. This includes their zero emissions, fully electric van mounted cherry picker.

Would you like to see a demonstration of the K20 Nissan eNV200? Contact us to set up an appointment.

We will be exhibiting the conversion at Greenfleet Arrive’n’Drive on 27th September at Rockingham Speedway.

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