Klubb Group News – Coronavirus

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Klubb Group News – Coronavirus

Klubb Group News

Dear all,

I hereby wish to update you about Klubb Group in this complicated time.

For now, we continue our production both in France and the UK.

I would like to thank our 360 technicians who keep on producing our machines and our 50 employees who are based in our offices and out in the field. I am proud of them all.

I would also like to sincerely thank our 150 European suppliers who continue to supply us even though themselves are

struggling,  they continue to produce for us in these unprecedented times.

I would also like to thank all of our customers who continue to trust and support us and congratulate those essential workers who continue to keep us safe and operating.

We fight daily against this pandemic to ensure it does not create a major economic crisis and even kills our small industry: The vehicle mounted aerial platform.

I promise to keep you appraised of the situation as it changes.

Take care and protect yourself!

Julien Bourrellis – Klubb Group CEO

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