Access equipment for the Arborist sector

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Access equipment for the Arborist sector

The Klubb Group offer one of the largest ranges of access equipment for the Arborist sector from grounds and park maintenance up to large forestry projects.

Such a vast sector deserves a variety of solutions to ensure safety and efficiency. Therefore, the Klubb Group dedicate design and manufacturing resources to ensure there is an option for all interventions within the Arborist Sector.

20m Klubb Cherry PickerA firm favourite has always been the Type approved Pick-up mounted platform manufactured by CPL. The 4×4 Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux base vehicles make sure the operator can gain access no matter the terrain and the 360° boom rotation system ensures access to everything. With accessory options fitted inhouse from equipment and PPE lockers, cages to protect beacons and company livery/ chapter markings, CPL offer a full turnkey solution making the purchase process straight forward and stress free. Therefore, the units are a popular choice and why Arborists now see the Klubb Group as a major commercial vehicle supplier within the sector. This has been cemented with the design of the ATAT (All terrain arb truck) specifically developed for tree surgeons/ forestry and improved with customer feedback meaning that CPL now offer this as a drop side and waste disposal unit with mesh sides.

The latest addition to the CPL range is the AlmaCrawler tracked platforms. Working closely with the Italian design experts, as the UK dealer, has ensured that the Klubb Group now have a solution for every aspect of green maintenance. Although spider lifts have been a firm favourite within the Arborist sector for some time, the B1890 and B1570 Almac designs are somewhat different. These units are a combination of both a self-propelled wheeled platform and stabilised tracked platforms. The one-of-a-kind Spiderboom technology allows the platform to be moved without stowing. This makes multiple tree/ shrubbery maintenance more efficient which in turn saves time and money.CPL Scissor Lift

Almac have also sold their scissor lift products into some of the biggest nurseries in the world. High performance lifts such as the BIBBI 870 EVO mini scissor can move across rough terrain and can overcome slopes up to 20 ° longitudinally and 15 ° laterally.

An interesting development for parks and green spaces within urban areas is the use of van mounts. Initially favoured within telecoms, utilities and building maintenance sectors, the vast range of vans available has opened the possibility to keep all equipment at hand with the use of the van rear.

Concentrating on electric solutions like the K20L and KL21B mounted on the Peugeot e-expert or the K20 Goupil has allowed the Klubb group to offer maintenance solutions to large parks with an abundance of trees. These compact van mounted platforms can fit on pathways and the zero emission batteries with a great range mean that the units can be driven through the city without the concern of congestion charges.

The group also offer the van booms mounted on a chassis base vehicle for those that prefer the traditional concept. The KL26 11.8m boom is fitted to a 3.5t chassis with large aluminium locker boxes for equipment. Also available in this configuration is the KL32 with a 12.5m working height, the KT17 with a 16.8m working height and the KT20 with a 20.6m working height. The telescopic feature benefits those that cannot park the vehicle close enough to the intervention but need the length of a telescopic boom to reach. This is also relevant with the Xtenso truck range. These telescopic booms reach from 21m to 25.5m but are mounted on heavy trucks. The Unimog being the most popular due to its ability to access anywhere across any terrain.

For the articulated fans there is a great range of solutions available through CPL from Palfinger Platforms. The 3.5t chassis options range from 20m to an impressive 28m. For the larger forestry projects there are some superb telescopic booms reaching all the way up to 90m but generally the 28m to 48m selection are the most favoured due to their versatility.

For enquiries, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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