CPL have the largest range of Cherry pickers for Arborists on the UK market

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CPL have the largest range of Cherry pickers for Arborists on the UK market

CPL have a strong position with the UK’s Tree Surgeon’s. This is due to several factors including the largest range of Cherry pickers for Arborists, the development of the ATAT (All terrain arb truck) and the Aftersales service we provide for all access equipment users.

The latest design of the CPL ATAT has an interchangeable chip box. This means that the box and chassis will fit both the new Isuzu D-Max and the new Toyota Hilux. This will speed up production lead times allowing for a quicker delivery to the customer. This conversion is fully type approved on both the D-Max and the Hilux with a 3.5t suspension upgrade and uprated all terrain tyres.

CPL are also the first to design and build on the new Isuzu D-Max. The model has been awarded full small series type approval with the 3.5t suspension upgrade and all terrain tyres. This is one of the main reasons that the P130 is so popular among Arborists. For those climbers that are feeling years of strain, the P130 allows them to reach where they need to. The 240Kg basket capacity ensures that heavy tools can also be lifted along with the operator/Arborist. The boom safely stays within the envelope of the vehicle. This makes working near the roadside much less of a threat.

Even with the new chassis design from Isuzu, the unit keeps its class leading 24-degree departure angle, 5 degrees of stability and 7tn gross train weight along with all of the optional extras. This is a great feature when towing a chipper or a trailer.

The final design sees mainly aesthetical changes to an already proven design along with improved boom docking, frontal support and in cab controls. The boom itself is the same leading design that was mounted on the previous D-Max. This features a 13.1m Working height and a 6.2m Working Outreach.

Even with the new chassis design from Isuzu, the unit keeps its class leading 24-degree departure angle, 5 degrees of stability and 7tn gross train weight along with all of the optional extras.

The Isuzu D-Max itself retains all of the existing qualities from the old model D-Max, plus it’s setting new standards in safety by adding even more features, including a high level of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

Due to the popularity and reputation of the previous P130 Isuzu D-Max, CPL have an order book filled with this new design. This year we have seen a large rise in the number of Toyota Hilux orders with the P130 mount. The Isuzu D-Max was previously the lighter and cheaper option. Now that the new model has been released, the Toyota Hilux has a much closer comparison.

Below is a testimonial received from one of our large Arborist customers. They have purchased a number of models from CPL including the Pick up Platform and the CPL ATAT.

I have always looked to CPL as a market leader and was impressed with the MEWPs when I worked alongside them during my time at Ground Control working on the UK Power Networks and Western Power Distribution tree and vegetation management contracts.  When I was aware that CPL were selling used DNO fleet I was keen to get my hands on a used model, as I had the confidence that it would be well maintained by said DNO, including some aftermarket additions. I was also confident that CPL would give the vehicle a thorough inspection before we collected the keys.

James Sadler, Contracts Director for Beechenlea.

Continuing with Articulated booms, CPL became the UK dealer for all Palfinger Access Platforms in April this year. This not only expanded the product range offered, to include up to 102m, but also provided an official service and maintenance company to look after the Palfinger equipment already in the UK.

Since partnering with Palfinger, some of the range have stood out as favourites in the Arborist sector. In particular, the P200. The picker is mounted on a 3.5t chassis allowing anyone with a licence to drive it. The 20m Working height and 8.2m working outreach are perfect for reaching the taller trees. The aluminium basket allows more manoeuvrability for the tree surgeon and there is still a great safe working load in the basket of 200kg for tools. Initially the boom was mounted on the 3.5t Nissan Cabstar. When production ceased on this model, Palfinger chose to mount on the Iveco Daily chassis. This has worked very well, and we have several orders in the pipeline for the new design.

Sticking with similar reaches to the P200, Klubb have developed a new range of telescopic chassis mounted MEWPS. The KT range is mounted on a 3.5t Iveco Daily with working heights from 17m to 20.6m. As a telescopic boom the outreach is equally as important. The 20.6m boom has an outstanding 12.5m outreach. This type of platform is perfect for hard-to-reach areas as the vehicle can be parked away from the area being worked on. This is extremely popular within the Arborist sector as large forest areas can be impossible to park under.

Not only can anyone with a standard licence drive this range, the safe working load of 300kg in the basket allows for operators and heavy tools to reach the most difficult areas. These platforms have everything needed to complement any arborist company.

Continuing with Telescopic booms, The Premium, Jumbo and top class Palfinger booms are necessary when working on larger projects. With working heights from 30 to 102 metres, the big kit is really the only option, other than climbing, when tackling a 44m Beech or a Douglas Fir reaching an impressive 61m. Many of our customers have decided that climbing is not an option anymore. Guys in their early 30’s that have worked on trees for 10 years are beginning to encounter back problems.

Although there are only a few of the top-class range in the UK, CPL are now looking after the service and maintenance. The UK customers with Palfinger equipment have struggled with the upkeep since Sky King closed Its doors. We have a great team of office staff and 8 engineers with knowledge of all access equipment including the large Palfinger Platforms. We have begun work on the UK equipment already at our main building, but we have now purchased a 4th unit which will specifically be used for the maintenance of the larger lifts.

Across Europe we have seen a great demand for Van mounts within the arborist community in built up areas. This is mainly due to the no outrigger and cutaway designs. The conversions produced without outriggers save time when setting up and closing down the MEWP. The cut version and lack of outriggers ensures that the platform always stays within the envelope of the original van. This is a huge benefit when working on trees that line busy streets. These are built with a 1-man 120kg basket. This still allows for an operator and chainsaw with plenty of weight left.

Even with the cutaway version, there is ample space in the rear of the van for all tools. If the company need extra space for larger equipment, we also offer a standard panel van version. This is the full length of a van but there is a lot of room and payload left for storage.




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