Get to know the K32 3.5t van mount with 250Kg SWL

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Get to know the K32 3.5t van mount with 250Kg SWL

The 3.5t van mount with the greatest safe working load on the market!

Our customer carries out maintenance and replacements to the street lighting on the highways. They came to us and asked if it was possible to have a greater SWL in the basket, on a 3.5t van mount. They are about to begin a contract where they will be removing older, heavy street lamps. We designed and manufactured a 3.5t Renault Master with a Klubb K32 boom that can carry 250Kg SWL in the basket and has enough payload within the vehicle to transport all of the tools and the old, heavy lighting equipment.

The k32 3.5t van mount allows a working height of 12.5m, 6.8m Working outreach at 200Kg and 6.3m Working outreach at 250Kg.

Our customer chose the standard 3.5t van model to fully benefit from the vehicles full payload capacity. The K32 model can also be mounted on a cutaway van to make it more compact and easy to manoeuvre.

The customer chose to have their conversion fitted with a Green pack allowing for the boom to run off a battery while the engine is switched off. This is a much quieter and more eco friendly solution.

If you would like a demonstration of the K32 Renault Master, Please contact us. 

We also offer a large range of other Van mounted access platforms as you can see here.




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