The CPL ATAT: The perfect workhorse for log movements.

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The CPL ATAT: The perfect workhorse for log movements.

Due to the rising cost of energy, more and more people are looking at alternative heat sources for the winter months. The use of log burners has increased exponentially over the last year, meaning there is a huge increase in the purchase of logs. The CPL All Terrain Arb Truck (ATAT) emerges as a revolutionary solution, redefining how logs are transported and distributed. This article explores the reasons why the CPL ATAT is the perfect choice for log movements, offering unmatched capabilities in navigating challenging terrains and optimising the space in the rear bucket.

Versatility in All Terrains:

The CPL ATAT is specifically designed to tackle a diverse range of terrains. From dense forests and muddy tracks, this all-terrain arb truck excels. Its versatility ensures that it can navigate through areas where traditional transportation methods might falter, ensuring logs can be efficiently collected and transported from even the most remote locations.

Robust and Durable Design:

Crafted with durability in mind, the CPL ATAT boasts a robust design capable of withstanding the rigors of challenging terrains. Its reinforced chassis and suspension system provide stability, protecting both the logs being transported and the vehicle itself. This durability translates into a longer operational life and reduced maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective option for log movements.

Ample Log Capacity:

The CPL ATAT is engineered to carry a substantial load of logs. Both the Isuzu and Toyota conversions have been type approved with a 3.5t suspension upgrade and all terrain tyres. Its expansive cargo area with a payload of 1300kg, and efficient loading mechanisms can accommodate a significant volume of logs, reducing the number of trips required for transportation. This translates into time and fuel savings, ultimately increasing the overall efficiency of the log transportation process. We have weighed a full load of dry logs and these have come out at 1100kg, ensuring you will be in weight on all trips.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is a top priority when it comes to log movements, and the CPL ATAT doesn’t compromise in this aspect. Equipped with lockable toolboxes for your equipment, and a separate box for a First Aid kit or 50/50 can, this all-terrain arb truck ensures the secure transport, minimising the risk of theft.

Efficiency and Speed:

The CPL ATAT is engineered for optimal efficiency and speed. Its powerful engines and state-of-the-art transmission systems enable it to swiftly traverse various terrains without compromising on performance. Faster log movements mean logs can reach processing facilities or customers promptly, maintaining their quality and value.

Customisable Configurations:

Recognising the diverse needs of the logging industry, the CPL ATAT offers customisable configurations to suit specific requirements. From chapter 8 marketing’s and company livery, to beacons and reversing cameras, the CPL ATAT can be fitted with a multitude of option accessories to ensure you are working as safely and efficiently as possible.

Environmentally Friendly:

In an era where environmental sustainability is crucial, the CPL ATAT stands out for its eco-friendliness. It incorporates fuel-efficient engines and adheres to emission standards, minimising its environmental impact during log movements. All of our base vehicles are the latest models meaning that you will not need to pay the low emissions charges coming into force across the UK. As an Approved Converter, CPL can offer the same warranty terms on the base vehicles as your local dealer.

The CPL All Terrain Arb Truck has redefined log movements with its exceptional capabilities. Its versatility in challenging terrains, robust design, ample log capacity, enhanced safety features, efficiency, customisation options and environmental sustainability making it the perfect choice for transporting logs efficiently and effectively. Embracing the CPL ATAT can significantly transform the logging industry, setting new standards for log transportation.

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