The full AlmaCrawler Platform range explained

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The full AlmaCrawler Platform range explained

CPL’s latest partnership is with AlmaCrawler. They are an Italian manufacturer of tracked machines with superb technical know how and a strong customer focus.

16m Self PropelledThe Almac Range is designed to cover all work at height where a vehicle mount cannot fit. The tracked platforms have been designed to simplify the day to day operation of this type of lift.

The Bibbi range are Almac’s scissor lifts. These come in a variety of sizes from 8m up to 10m working height. They can be fitted with electric pumps for indoor use. This removes any harmful pollutants and noise. The bi-levelling technology allows the operator to work in steep terrain or uneven surfaces. (up to 20 ° longitudinally and 15 ° laterally)

Traditionally, the Bibbi 850-HE has 4x stabilisers but all of the scissor lifts have the option of no outriggers. With 250kg safe working load and the option to move them while unstowed, these high performance mini scissor lifts are a must have for construction, maintenance and hire companies.

The Jibbi Almac range are self propelled tracked machines. From 12.2m up to 16m, the crawlers are fitted with several features aimed at increasing operator safety at height. The include:

  • DWP -Dynamic Working Performance, for dynamic management of the machine’s performance based on three different work parameters, i.e. the slope of the ground, the width of the retractable crawler undercarriage and the load of the basket, resulting in correct position of the machine at all times
  • Safe-Lock System, which prevents the crawler from escaping from the tensioning wheels (subjected to patent request)
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system, which protects operators against sudden and accidental impact in the basket with an anti-crush barrier function on the two sides of the basket (in the top and bottom part)spiderboom

The Billennium range is made up of two Spider lifts. The B1570, with a 15m working height and the B1890, with an 18m working height. The baskets are easy to remove allowing for a winch kit. This makes them extremely versatile for a number of industries. The basket can be manually resized to allow the spider to pass through narrow areas from 1200mm to 780mm.

The SPS System (Self-propelled skill system) is what allows the use of these spiders without lowering the outriggers. The lift can be used up to 8m with the B1570 or 9m with the B1890 without the use of the stabilisers.

We have several of the Almac Range in stock. Contact us to book in a test.

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