13.8m Van Platforms for Dudley Council Contract

    Case Study Description

    Hilton Main have taken delivery of 2 CPL K38p Van Platforms for their Dudley Council Contract.



    Thanks to one of our social media posts advising on short lead times, Hilton Main came to visit our show room earlier in the year. They had older van platforms that needed to be replaced for a contact replacing over 24,000 street lights for LED upgrades. Initially they did not know what type of van mount would be the best fit for their work at height, so our Sector Specialist Simon guided them on the best fit.

    After testing the KL26, KL32 and K38p, Adam at Hilton Main felt that the K38p would be the best solution for their interventions. The K38p is a 13.8m platform with a maximum outreach of 8.2m. The 2 man basket can hold up to 200Kg making it perfect for an operator, tools and discarded larger street lamps.

    The large rear area of the van was also a factor in the final decision. With ample payload, and space for shelving and racking, the K38p Van Platform can hold tools and equipment which removes the need for a secondary support vehicle.

    Due to its versatility, the K38p Renault Master will be used for various other maintenance works to ensure that the asset is being pushed to its full potential.

    CPL take pride in ensuring that the correct machine is paired with your work at height. If you are looking to upgrade, or you are new to the Access platform world, Contact us. We will help guide you on the best asset for your business.

    Street lights converted to LED

    More than 1,000 Dudley borough street lights have already been converted to energy efficient LED in the first month of a three-year replacement programme.

    Around 24,000 are to be replaced by Dudley Council in this latest programme, which follows the successful conversion of 7,100 lights on the borough’s main roads in recent years.

    By the end of the three years, all of the borough’s streets will have energy efficient LED lighting. This costs less to run, is considered more effective and is also flexible, so levels can be adjusted to suit the area, or dimmed at certain times of the night.

    As part of the programme of replacement, the council will also be assessing whether the level of lighting is suitable for each area to meet the needs of residents and making changes where needed.

    Lampposts will also be assessed and replaced where necessary.

    The new LED bulbs will almost halve the energy used by the bulbs they are replacing and, once complete, will reduce consumption by approximately three million kWh per year.

    Councillor Damian Corfield, cabinet member for highways and environment, said: 

    “We have made a great start to this programme of upgrading and converting our street lighting to energy efficient LED.

    “This is a significant project and investing now will not only save money on our energy bills, but these lamps also have a longer lifespan.”

    The conversion programme is part of the council’s invest to save project, with the cost of the initial outlay being part covered by the savings on electricity.

    Councillor Dr Rob Clinton, cabinet member for waste management and climate change, added:

    “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and upgrading our street lighting to LED, which emits less carbon than traditional lights, will bring more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting to streets across our borough.

    “We’re investing now to reduce our energy use for decades to come and save money at the same time.”

    Courtesy of https://councilnews.dudley.gov.uk/

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