12,30m Cherry Picker Van KL32


The KL32 Van cherry picker is designed to provide its users with the best equipment for working at height.

This van mounted cherry picker can be fitted to 3.5 tn vans and chassis including Renault, Iveco, Ford and Mercedes. The boom has a fixed Jib with a 12.3 M working height and working outreach of 6.9 M at 120Kg with no outriggers.

Plastic baskets are fitted as standard to all of our conversions, this guarantees more payload and reduces in life costs by 80% in comparison to a Fibreglass basket.

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Technical Specification

Max. working height : 12.30 m

Max. working outreach : 7.30 m

Boom rotation : 360°

Max. working load : 120Kg

Max. platform height : 10.50 m

Outriggers : no

Basket size : 86 x 72 x 110 cm

Chassis weight : ≤ 3.5T



Mobile Workshop

All necessary tools and equipment can be stored directly on the vehicle. This on-board storage eliminates the need for additional vehicles. It allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips, reducing downtime and improving workflow efficiency.


Compact Size

Van aerial platforms often have a more compact footprint compared to some larger, stand-alone platforms. This smaller size can be a significant advantage when working in tight or restricted areas where larger vehicles might have trouble maneuvering. The compact size also makes it easier to navigate through heavy city traffic or crowded job sites.

compact van aerial lift

Reduced Operational Costs

The integrated design of these platforms often means lower fuel consumption than using separate vehicles for transportation and lift operation. Additionally, having a combined vehicle and lift reduces the need for costly equipment rentals, as well as the maintenance costs associated with multiple machines

All cables and hoses on this 12,30m Van Mount are enclosed within the boom to provide the best protection. In the event of pipe failure locking valves are installed to prevent uncontrolled movement of the boom.

If the engine or main pump fails, functions are controlled by an independent electro-hydraulic pump. This prevents unnecessary call out charges and time wasted waiting to be rescued.

CPL offer a multitude of optional extras to suit any project. For example: Front, rear and cab beacons, work lights, reversing cameras, internal electric sockets, company livery and chapter 8 markings. All of the optional extras are fitted in house by CPL professionals.

The van mount conversion is a perfect partner for a variety of sectors including: Telecoms, Utilities, Fire and Safety and Signage sectors to name just a few.


Engine start and stop from basket

Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security

Proportional controls

Secure access to the working platform

Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection


Signalling devices

Custom fitting out of vehicles

Chapter 8 Markings

Reverse Camera

Leg Operations from the cab

Possible types of vehicles

Renault Master L2H2

For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering

Demonstration on demand

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Working height

11m to 13m




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