The Workhorse - CPL Arb Tippers

The CPL Chipper Tippers have been designed with the help of industry experts. Both the Isuzu D Max tipper and Toyota Hilux tipper conversions have a 3.5t suspension upgrade adding exceptional payload to the vehicles. Both fully type approved, these tipper truck conversions come with manufacturer warranty and breakdown cover. With the option of secure tool boxes with an exceptional 190Kg storage capacity the CPL Arb Tippers are the perfect workhorse for a number of sectors.

The Chipper Tipper built by CPL is a conversion designed to meet the needs of professionals looking for a robust and intelligent vehicle. This already versatile vehicle can be configured according to your requirement to best meet your needs. In addition, the vehicle has been upgraded to 3.5t suspension from 3t. This still allows you to drive on a standard licence. CPL offers a conversion based on a pickup Isuzu or Toyota single cab with a 4-cylinder diesel engine. These arb trucks are energy-efficient vehicles that still retains a high level of power. Whether on roads or steep paths, these vehicles can be used in all condition thanks to its all-wheel drive. With these characteristics, the Chipper Tipper can pull a load of up to 3.5t with simplicity and comfort. The most important modification on the conversion tipper the fact that it can carry all types of materials up to a weight of 1.3t in a volume of 3m³ of cubic capacity. The unloading is stress free thanks to a hydraulic cylinder that can tilt the body at 50 degrees. To combine robustness and lightness, the tipper has been designed in aluminium with a 600mm tail gate at the rear. It is possible to configure the body according to your needs with the possibility of mesh sides. This option is especially popular with waste management companies. The independent rear toolbox with a capacity of 180 kg can store tools, PPE and fuel. In addition, your tools, PPE and fuels are safe as the toolboxes are lockable. To best suit your needs, you can configure your vehicle with the following options: – Signalling Devices (Roof beacons, Full beacon set, Chapter 8 markings) – Vehicle colour change – Ladder Rack – Anodized aluminium lockers with 180kg capacity – Type approved tow bar with 7t GTW – Reversing camera

What is the difference between Dumper and Tipper?

Dump trucks usually have a larger steel cargo box that primarily hauls road construction or maintenance material. These trucks might also be called “tipper trucks” by some. But dump trucks typically are classified as those that are primarily suitable for very heavy duty use often in construction duty. However, tipper trucks may also include smaller light duty vehicles like a standard pickup with an aftermarket cargo box that tilts to unload various material.