CPL’s van mounted access platforms are small vehicles but very complete, offering a plethora of solutions for working at heights. In view of their small size CPL’s cherry picker vans are particularly suitable for working in tight and narrow places. Cities and other urban areas are for example a favorite playground for this kind of aerial work platform. With our cherry picker vans, we offer much more than access to heights for your work. We offer you the security and safety when at work. Thanks in particular to the horizontal offset of the telescopic arms of cherry pickers which can reach 8m. You will not waste time stowing your equipment away, changing to the opposite pavement and putting the unit back into the working position. Efficiency and profitability will inevitably save time.


To save time, we have designed units without outriggers (which exist on Van Mounted Access Platforms). Our van cherry pickers are designed in such a way that the distributed weight is spread throughout the vehicle and thus gives stability to any event. We consider that cherry picker van’s are particularly effective in maintenance of green spaces and other areas where vegetation can hinder visibility or passage. For example, we have already sold van cherry picker’s within the Arborist and ground keeping sectors. In the same context of work at low heights, van cherry pickers can be used for the maintenance of signs and the installation and maintenance of surveillance equipment.

Van’s with boom lift’s are not just a machine used to help you work at height safely. This kind of boom lift offers a very large storage space inside for your specific tools. With our French partner, Mobitec France we can provide indoor and outdoor customisation of your cherry picker van. Not only can we supply a mobile workshop, we can also ensure safety and security for you and your tools.

Why should you choose a CPL van mounted cherry picker?

Vehicle mounted lifts created for the city.

Choose CPL cherry picker van due to their compact size. The size and the light weight of the conversion assure you an easy drive anywhere in town. These vehicle mounted lifts are famous for their flexibility. You could easily manage your numerous maintenance jobs across the city, including narrow streets.

Multi-purpose van mounted cherry pickers.

CPL van mounted cherry pickers are a perfect partner to operators that maintain : telecom networks, electric networks, public lighting, CCTV systems and pruning.

A wide range of work platforms on vans.

Buy a CPL work platform on a van and still have a wide choice of access platform models. All are unique with their own working height and working outreach. With telescopic booms mounted on vans, you can reach heights of 11 metres to 14.6 metres and a working outreach of 6 metres up to 8 metres.

Help operators in their daily work.

This kind of vehicle mounted lift helps operators in their daily work. How? First of all thanks to telescopic booms which integrate a large basket where 1 or 2 people can work.

Installed on vans, CPL boom lifts allow operators to access their tools, neatly stored in the rear of the vehicle.

Van Cherry Picker training course

The use of cherry picker van, like any other kind of MEWP, requires you to take a training course. In this regard, IPAF provides a specific training course called 3A / 3B / 1B that we recommend to you. If you intent to use a van cherry picker, know that this program is designed for the operators of MEWPs and those looking to renew their operator licences.