12m 120T Telescopic Trailer Mounted



The 12m Telescopic Trailer Mounted is lightweight and cost effective. It has a 1 person steel basket with a 120Kg Safe working load and weighs in at 1285Kg.




dinolift light crawler


A telescopic DINO trailer is a cost-efficient way to work safely at height. Whenever there is weight restrictions on the job, a telescopic trailer is a good choice. The light weight combined with large inbuilt outrigger plates to spread the load allow use on delicate surfaces or soft grounds.

ergonomic panel control

Easy to set up and use

Point and shoot, easy and safe for any work at height. Intuitive controls prevent unwanted boom movements and improve the overall safety. When there is need to move the machine from one work site to another in between jobs a DINO telescopic trailer is a good choice.

telescopic trailer towing

Stable and safe in operation and transport

The stable boom gives the operator an enjoyable ride from the ground up. The robust and well balanced chassis allows for safe towing on the road and when operating the driving system in the work site.

Technical Specification

Working Height 12M

Working Outreach 7.9M

Travel Height 1.98M

Safe Working Load 120Kg

Weight 1285KG


Electric Motor as primary power source

Boom Rotation Continuous

1 Man Basket with 120KG SWL

2 Speed Boom Control

What are the advantages of using it?

  • Lightweight, robust, cost-effective
  • 1-person steel basket, capacity 120 kg
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Driving system; easy to move at work site
  • Large outrigger pads 280 x 360 mm
  • Continuous rotation of the boom; easy and functional
  • Stable to tow, easy to transport
  • Simple to use, clear and informative controls

What are the Options?

  • Petrol power pack
  • Cable steering for driving
  • Outrigger support indicator
  • LED working lights
  • Extra outrigger pads 500 x 500 x 35 mm + bracket
  • Lockable tool / harness box
  • Spare wheel

Additional information



Working height

10m to 15m




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