30m Lightweight Cherry Picker


The 30m Lightweight cherry picker has A frame hydraulic stabilisers and fully electric controls fitted to the basket. With a safe working load of 350Kg this platform can hold up to 3 people with a large number of tools.

The full weight of this conversion is 7.15t. This is extremely lightweight for a picker of this height and outreach.

As standard we fit an aluminium cage to the conversion. This is for ease of access when working at height.

The hydraulic basket rotates with 2 x 85° slewing angle and then State-of-the-art control panel with colour graphic display as information system. The 30m platform also has both the memory and home function.

There is an option for a two slew ring system. This allows for more maneuverability within the envelope of the boom.

These conversion are designed for a number of sectors. With such a large payload, they are specifically useful for roofing and maintenance companies working on larger buildings or structures.


Technical Specification

Working Height : 30M

Max Working Outreach : 20.50M

Travel Height 3.5M*

Boom Rotation : 540°

Basket Max Load Capacity : 350Kg


Home Function

Battery Voltage Monitor

Automatic outreach adjustment

Additional information



Working height

21m to 30m


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