New accessories for CPL van mounted platforms

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New accessories for CPL van mounted platforms

CPL have been working on a number of new accessory designs for the van mounted platforms.

With a huge range of popular accessories already available to choose from. CPL have been working on new ones for the van mounted platforms. These have been designed using the feedback from our customers. The best way to

produce something is to listen to the people that use it everyday to create something practical and user friendly.

We now have the option of a full basket door. We have received feedback that when working in the basket, if you do drop a tool, it cannot fall out with this new edition. We have also been told that some operators prefer a full door for peace of mind.

The next big design we have been working, on with a rental customer, is the ladder locker. Sometimes van mounted platforms can’t quite cover 100% of jobs at height due to tight alleyways or narrow doors. Rather than purchasing a van mounted platform and a tracked machine, we have installed this lightweight ladder toolbox. It runs down the side of the van and basket taking up very little space or payload.

We have also been working on the best type of warning light to show the van mounted platforms can be over 2.1m wide. This small but very effective system is neat and offers a great signal for other road users.

Take a look at the van mounts we can offer and Contact us to discuss your requirements for working at height. We will help you to design a bespoke conversion with all you need to ensure safety, security and speedy work.

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