What are the main advantages of battery powered booms?

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What are the main advantages of battery powered booms?

Battery powered access platforms are the key to reducing your emissions while working at height.

With a vast range of fully electric vans on the market it has never been easier to be kind to the planet but, have you thought about the cost of running a diesel platform compared to electric? Even when the vehicle is parked and the boom is in use, you are using fuel and the engine is being worn.

CPL, part of the Klubb group offer Green pack technology on all of our conversion. This allows you to run a diesel vehicle but when the engine is switched off, the boom runs from battery power. Here are the key advantages of Green Pack Technology from the Klubb Group.

“Green” operation or battery powered access platforms can be operated whilst the engine of the vehicle is off. This helps stop the harmful emissions being produced whilst a vehicle is on tick over.

  • Carbon Footprint – A lot of authorities and companies are now asking how business are helping to reduce their carbon footprint. By having a platform that is run via its own battery this helps tick a box in becoming a “Green” thinking organisation.
  • Silent running – Some jobs are required to be done at night or in sensitive areas, as the platform is run via battery there is no engine noise only the sound of the pump which is shielded within the vehicle.
  • Indoor operation – Work required to be done within a Unit or enclosed are benefits from not requiring a vehicles engine to be running
  • Engine Wear – As the vehicle does not need to be running it  helps with general wear on the engine, new euro 6 engines do not like ticking over on idle as the DPF filters can clog. Also a vehicles mileage is then a true representation of its use when looking to later sell the vehicle.
  • Cost* – no exact testing and figures are available but going off the average amount of fuel that is used by an engine whilst it is idling it is said that for every 10 minutes 0.2 litres of fuel is used (Google)
    • 0.2 litres per 10 min
    • 1 litre per hour
    • 6 litres per day (based on average days usage)
    • 30 litres per week (5 day working week)
    • 126 litres per month (based on 21 days)
    • 1,500 litres per year (based on 50 weeks)
      • Current diesel cost = £1.16p p/l
      • 1500 x 1.16 = £1,740.00 per year saving
      • At the current fuel cost (which will only increase over the years) a green pack could pay for its self within 2 years of operation.

* The above cost analysis has not been tested/proved and any saving made is theoretical based on information calculated in house. 

Contact us to discuss our range of fully electric van mounts or Green pack options.

Original Post dated July 2020.



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