Are you able to build a Renault Master aerial platform up to the latest standards?

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Are you able to build a Renault Master aerial platform up to the latest standards?

renault trafic van mounted cherry picker
renault trafic van mounted cherry picker

Renault and CPL: a long term partnership based on successful conversions like the Renault Master aerial platform.

Our Renault Master aerial platform units are fully Type Approved and we are an approved converter.

A strong collaboration between CPL and Renault is the result of many years of collaboration. The Klubb Group have been Renault bodybuilder certified since the launch of this program by the French car manufacturer. The Klubb/CPL conversions such as the Renault Master aerial platform that come with this certification are guaranteed to be updated with all the latest innovations.

This long-term partnership has already proven its worth in the past. In the last 20 years,  more than 10,000 aerial platforms have been mounted on a Renault Master and have been produced and distributed around the world. It’s not about to stop, in particular with the launch of the new Klubb/CPL  KL range known as «light». This range includes Renault Master aerial platforms. These models are specially designed for sectors such as Telecoms, Public lighting, Utilities and Rental.

Among the models in this range, the KL32 on a Renault master is already considered as a European best-seller in the telecommunications sector. Its optimisation allows an additional payload of 140kg while maintaining the best technical performance on the market. This aerial lift mounted on a Master has a telescopic arm which reaches a working height of 12.30m and a horizontal offset of 6.90m, without outriggers. In addition, the KL32 Renault Master aerial platform benefits from a large loading capacity. This can transform the vehicle into a real mobile workshop if needed. It is then possible to work indoors, wherever you are.

Furthermore, your equipment is kept safely stored in your locked van.

The KL26 on a cutaway Renault Master, another model in the « light » range, is ideal for professionals requiring a minimum footprint. Its telescopic arm allows you to reach up to 11.80m height and 6.50m offset. It has been lightened to gain up to 160kg of payload. This model is very practical for all companies which need to transport equipment in order to intervene efficiently on sites. Even in areas that are difficult for parking or have restricted workspace.

To reduce your carbon footprint, it is possible to add the option of the Green Pack, available on each Klubb/ CPL model. This system allows the boom to work with the engine switched off. This option is ideal for all companies and local authorities engaged in an eco-responsible approach but do not wish to compromise on technical performance.

During the product design, Klubb, CPL and Renault worked together in order to design van mounts that are fully compliant with the new WLTP standard. This new European norm, Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), allows  measurement of both fuel consumption and CO2 emitted by the vehicle. The CO2 emissions measured in WLTP are 24% to 31% higher than with the previous standard.

To meet international needs Klubb Group also design upper structure kits. The successful work with Renault is just one example. We are also working closely with many other car manufacturers such as Isuzu, Iveco, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and others…

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