Trying to go Green? We can help with our range of Electric Platforms

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Trying to go Green? We can help with our range of Electric Platforms

As part of the Klubb Group, we are always improving on our designs. We know everyone is trying to be greener so we are concentrating on Electric Platforms.

We have listened to our customers and we understand the challenges they are facing in a world of climate change awareness. This is why we have a variety of electric platform options to suit all types of work at height.

electric Peugeot cherry pickerThe obvious way to change is to buy fully electric. This will reduce both noise and air pollution. The base vehicle is fully electric so there are no diesel fumes.  Currently the most popular electric platform conversion we produce is the KL26 mounted on a Renault Master ZE. This base vehicle is newly unrated from 3.1t to 3.5t allowing for a much higher payload for storage. This model is designed with no outriggers which helps with a speedy set up and allows the vehicle to me moved quickly if working on a single track road. The platform is also a cutaway version. This means the rear of the van is cut out so that the basket sits within the envelope of the van. This makes maneuvering a lot easier, especially when working in busy streets.

With electric charging points becoming a lot more accessible, this is a great option for those that only travel a short distance each day. The electric platform can be fully charged during a lunch break so you can keep going without loss of power.

CPL are also developing fully electric equipment on smaller vans like the Peugeot E-Expert. With a working height of up to 11.5m and an outreach of up to 6.4m, these small but mighty KL21B platforms are compact but allow you to reach all UK CCTV and telephone poles. With an autonomy of up to 230Km, the E-Expert is a fully electric van mount that can keep going all day long. This is perfect for those that travel a lot between jobs and it can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes.

The Klubb Group also offer battery powered booms on all the cherry pickers we manufacture. For those that need to travel a lot further to carry out their work at height, we can mount electric booms onto diesel vans. Yes, the diesel van will emit pollution while travelling but, when stationary the engine is switched off. This is hugely popular with our customers as working at height in a cherry picker does not involved any vehicle movement. It is better for the engine as they do not like to sit ticking over for a long period of time. This design will prevent unnecessary maintenance on the engine and rising fuel costs.

Contact us to discuss your challenges and we will help you to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on your companies output. We constantly review our products to ensure we have something in the range for everyone. If you can’t see what you want on our website, call us to discuss your requirements. Your input makes us better at what we do.




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