CPL exhibit Zero Emissions Conversion

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CPL exhibit Zero Emissions Conversion

CPL to exhibit zero emissions conversion at two of the Greenfleet shows.

This year CPL have launched the Klubb K20 eNV200 Nissan Zero Emissions van mount in the UK.

With an impressive 10m working height, 5m working outreach and no outriggers, this conversion is a perfect partner for anyone working within urban areas. The no outriggers design allows for a speedy start to any project and the compact size of the vehicle makes it very easy to manoeuvre through tight city streets.

The fully electric, zero emissions van mount has been designed in keeping with the green strategy of the company. All the van mounted access platforms have the option of a green package. This allows the boom to be operated with the vehicle engine switched off.
The conversion will be shown on the CPL stand at LoCity on September 5th at Kempton Park Racecourse Shepperton in the outdoor arena. The show is specifically organised for companied operating freight and commercial vehicles in and out of London. For further details on LoCity: http://commercial.greenfleet.net/

We will also be exhibiting the conversion at Greenfleet’s Arrive‘n’Drive exhibition on 27th September at Rockingham Speedway. This is a demonstration show allowing companies to try out the vehicle and the access equipment. For further information on Arrive’n’Drive: http://arrivendrive.greenfleet.net/

For further information on the Nissan eNV200 K20 please email: info@cpl-ltd.com


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