CPL Spotlight – Billennium B1890 Tracked Spider Boom

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CPL Spotlight – Billennium B1890 Tracked Spider Boom

AlmaCrawler, renowned for its commitment to innovation and safety in the aerial platform sector, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking product line – the Billennium Spiderboom B1890. Designed to surpass traditional aerial platform designs, this family of self-propelled tracked serial platforms combines the key features of both wheeled and stabilised tracked platforms, offering unique and versatile solution for professionals and rental companies alike.

Best Sectors For the B1890

The construction industry greatly benefits from the Billennium Spiderboom’s all-terrain capabilities and flexible stabalisation options. It enables workers to safely access elevated areas for tasks such as building construction, maintenance, and repairs.

In industrial settings, the Billennium spider lift proves invaluable for tasks that require working at height, such as equipment installation, facility maintenance, and inspection. Its compact size and advanced stabalisation systems ensure efficient and secure operations in tight or challenging spaces.

The arboriculture sector, including tree care and maintenance, finds the Billennium Spiderboom particularly useful. Its precise control, versatile stabalisation options, and manoeuvrability make it ideal for accessing trees at various heights, allowing professionals to conduct pruning, trimming and other arboriculture tasks with complete ease.

Building maintenance teams can rely on the Billennium Spiderboom to carry out routine inspections, façade cleaning, and repair work. Its adaptability, automatic stabilisation, and self-propelled features enable workers to access different areas of a building efficiently and safely.

The Billennium Spiderboom is well-suited for park maintenance tasks, such as installing and repairing lighting fixtures, signage, and recreational equipment. Its ability to traverse uneven terrain and work at different heights makes it an ideal choice for park and green space maintenance professionals.

Pros of the Bibbi1890

The Billennium Spiderboom offers two stabilisation options – fixed (VISUAL) and variable (Quick-PRO), this versatility allows operators to adapt to different working environments, ensuring stability and safety an various terrains.

With its self-propelled tracked design, the Billennium B1890 Evo excels in navigating challenging terrains, including uneven, slopes and rough terrain. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in diverse work environments.

The Adaptive Working Performance (AWP) System, equipped with sensors on the stabilisers, enables the platform to detect its actual position in real time. This system automatically adjusts the platform’s performance, optimising stability and enhancing operator safety.

18m-spider-boomThe Self-Propelled Skilled System (SPS) a feature on this Tracked Spider Boom allows operators to use the machine at height without lowering the stabilisers, even on longitudinal slopes of up to 10 degrees. This capability enhances productivity by eliminating the need to reposition or readjust stabilisers frequently – making every operation most efficient.

All models of the Billennium Spiderboom come with an automatic stabilisation system as standard. The Visual option provides fixed area stabilisation, while the Quick-PRO option offers areas with six different machine positioning configurations, this feature ensures quick and efficient setup, enhancing operational performance.

The B1890 is designed with a compact footprint, allowing it to access tight spaces and navigate through narrow passages. Its competitive maximum weight ensures ease of transportation on traditional trailers, making it convenient for moving between job sites.

The Billennium B1890 incorporates advanced technological features such as the Tasket Basket, which is resizable without disassembly, enabling easy access to narrow spaces. Additionally, features like Automatic Tensioner System (ATS) which is the uniquely designed “zero maintenance” hydraulic system for the automatic tensioning of the track, and Undercarriage XXL design allows for an easier and safer daily loading and unloading as well as the self-propelled capabilities of the B1890 without sacrificing the typical size compactness, (variable track 0.79 ÷ 1.39 m but with a longer track length – 2 m), enhancing the machine’s performance, durability, and maintenance efficiency.

 Optional Extras for the B1890

The radio control kit enables operators to control the B1890 remotely, offering increased flexibility and convenience. With the radio control kit, operators can manoeuvre the platform from a safe distance, allowing for precise positioning and efficient operation.

The Electric Pump 220V-2.2KW / 50Hz option provides an alternative power source for the hydraulic system of the Tracked Spider Boom. This feature is particularly useful in situations where a 220V power supply is readily available. The electric pump ensures efficient operation while reducing noise and emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The winch kit is an optional accessory that enables the lifting and handling of heavy loads with ease. With a capacity of up to 200kg, the winch kit adds versatility to the Spiderboom, allowing operators to perform tasks that require lifting or moving heavier objects, such as equipment or materials.

The ultrasonic anti-collision system is a safety feature that uses advanced sensor technology to detect obstacles or potential hazards in the platform’s vicinity. This system helps prevent collisions and accidents by providing early warning signals and automatically initiating corrective actions, ensuring a safe working environment.

The option for a customised coating allows customers to personalise the aesthetics of their Billennium Spiderboom. This can include customised colours or branding, providing a unique visual identity for the machine. Additionally, the coating can offer additional protection against corrosion and environmental elements, extending the lifespan of the equipment.

In conclusion, the Billennium Tracked Spider Boom B1890 by AlmaCrawler represents a significant advancement in the field of aerial platforms, offering innovative features and a versatile design. With its self-propelled tracked system and various stabalisation options, the Billennium Spiderboom combines the best features of both wheeled and tracked aerial platforms, catering to the diverse needs of professionals and rental sectors. The B1890 excels in multiple sectors, including construction, industrial applications, arboriculture, and building and park maintenance. Its all-terrain capabilities and advanced technology make it reliable and efficient choice for working safely at height in challenging environments. By investing in the B1890, professionals can benefit from increased productivity, improved safety, and greater versatility. Its innovative features and customisable options allow for seamless operation in various working conditions, helping businesses achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

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