How to choose a used MEWP for tree works

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How to choose a used MEWP for tree works

You’re well-versed in the nuances of land management, where tree work forms just one aspect of your diverse operations. Often, you might subcontract out most of this work, handle some felling yourself, or bring in climbers for specific tasks. For smaller-scale tree jobs, shears on machines have typically sufficed.

However, you might now be contemplating an upgrade to streamline these operations—specifically, you’re considering the acquisition of a used Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) to make tasks like crown lifting over tracks much more efficient. The appeal is clear: a MEWP could significantly speed up processes compared to traditional climbing methods, especially since your regular climber is fully certified.

Here’s what you’re weighing up: If you, for example, opt for a 5-year-old diesel MEWP with a 15m lift, are you going to regret the expenditure, or will it prove to be as transformative as you envision?


How to find the right MEWP for your needs

In tree work, the specifics of the MEWP you choose can make a real difference. An 20m lift, for instance, would generally be more suitable for the kind of work you do. This size offers more outreach, which is often more meaningful than working height for tree-related tasks.

The limitations of a 15m MEWP could become apparent fairly quickly. While suitable for some applications, like street lighting, it may leave you wishing for greater capability during more complex tree work. It’s a common challenge, regardless of the used cherry picker size you choose, there will always be jobs where it feels either too large or too small.

Given these considerations, it might be wiser for you to hiring a MEWP as needed. This flexible approach lets you tailor the equipment choice to each job’s specific requirements, avoiding the pitfalls of owning a single lift that might not always suit your needs.

Nonetheless, if you’re leaning towards a purchase, consider looking at chassis-cab mounted MEWPs – at least 20m working height. They are known for their robust performance and could be a solid long-term investment if you find yourself frequently needing such equipment. Remember, the outreach capability is particularly vital in tree work, influencing how effectively you can manage various tasks.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with both your operational needs and budgetary constraints, ensuring that any investment in a MEWP adds genuine value to your land management business.

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