Discover the Klubb Group Range of Conversions

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Discover the Klubb Group Range of Conversions

Discover the Klubb Group Range of Conversions

CPL are market leaders for the pick up mounted cherry picker and most recently the ATAT. In 2016 CPL became UK dealers for the Klubb Group. With this came access to the full range of van mounted hoists. Now as part of the Group, we are involved in the design and manufacturing of these market leading conversion to ensure they are a perfect fit for the UK market.

Lets run through some of the options available from the Klubb Group. We have designed a variety of solutions to make work at height as safe and efficient as possible.

CPL Van HoistsThe most compact conversion in the range of vans is the KL21B. This model is mounted on a 3t van. With no outriggers it is perfect for congested streets as it does not expand beyond the vehicles envelope. Removing the legs also makes it quick to move if the picker is in the way on a single lane. The van may be small but the boom boasts an 11.2m working height and 6m working outreach This is ample for all street lighting, green space maintenance and CCTV/electrical work.

Our range within the 3.5t van mounted hoists is quite vast. We have the KL26 which is designed as a cutaway with no legs allowing for a great payload. This model can be fitted with a Green Pack boom on a Renault Master ZE making the entire conversion fully electric. Alternatively, we can fit the battery powered boom to a diesel van for those travelling long distances. The boom has a working height of 11.8m and a working outreach of 6.5m. With a 120Kg 1 man basket, this design is a perfect solution for a single operator team that needs to carry some equipment and tools to cover a full days work.Isuzu Cherry Picker

The KL32 mounted on the 3.5t Renault Master has also been designed with no outriggers. As a full van option rather than cutaway, this model is designed to to be fitted with a rear workshop. Lightweight shelving and racking can be installed to allow an operator to work directly from the van at all times. The boom has a working height of 12.3m and a working outreach of 6.9m. The KL32 is also available on a 4.5t Renault Master base van. This option comes with the cutaway design to add maneuverability but a large payload for equipment storage.

Within the 3.5t range is also the market leading pick up platform. The boom has a working height of 13.1m and a working outreach of 6.2m. Available on both the Isuzu D-Max and the Toyota Hilux, the conversion has been fully type approved. This model is popular across all sectors working at height due to its versatility and the 4 wheel drive will get you across all terrains.

The CPL ATAT is also mounted on either the Isuzu or the Toyota with a 3.5t type approved suspension upgrade. This unit is extremely popular within forestry and arborist sectors due to its large payload, 4 wheel drive and aesthetically it is a very professional truck when quoting new customers.

Our K38p Van mount is a traditional conversion with 2 outriggers. It can be manufactured as a full van or a cutaway version. With a working height of 13.8m, a working outreach of up to 8m and a fly jib, the K38p is one of the most versatile models in the 3.5t van range.

Our final van mount option is the K42p. Mounted on a 5-7t Iveco daily, it has a large payload allowing for a full rear workshop. Especially popular within the Telecoms sector, this conversion has removed the need for a secondary back up vehicle carrying tools and equipment.

All of our platforms can be fitted with a battery powered boom. This allows the engine to be switched off when stationary while still operating the boom. The Green Pack technology has seen great reductions in full costs, emissions and engine maintenance.

If you would like advice on the best solution for your work at height, contact us. We will guide you through the options available and be sure to provide a conversion that is not only safe but efficient for your business.



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