CPL Spotlight – DINO 220XTC II

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CPL Spotlight – DINO 220XTC II

A Versatile and Efficient Aerial Work Platform for Elevated Operations

In the field of aerial work platforms (AWPs) and accessing elevated work areas with precision and stability, the DINO 220XTC II stands out as a compact, reliable, feature-rich aerial work platform. With its compact design, and a powerful Kubota diesel engine with the excellent gradeability of 43% and advanced capabilities, the versatile machine offers a range of benefits for various sectors. Whether you’re working in construction, maintenance, or any industry that requires safe and efficient access at height, the DINO 220XTC II is a valuable asset, with it only weighing less than 3.5t it can be pulled by a trailer allowing easy transport of the platform. The boom allows for continuous rotation and move the basket at a 180 degree angle, it has a lift function to near horizontal. And can be used with electricity, it is a dual powered platform. With spider type outriggers it leads to fast and efficient set-up. Let’s explore some of the best sectors for this AWP and delve into its notable advantages…


Best Sectors for the DINO 220XTC II:

The DINO 220XTC II finds its application in several sectors that require safe and efficient aerial access. Some of the best sectors for this equipment include:

This Dinolift model is a valuable asset for construction projects, its robust structure and 1.8 metre long tracks provide stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for tasks such as building, maintenance, facade installation and window cleaning. The AWPs narrow width of 1.4 metres (1.18 metres with a rotated basket) allows it to access confined spaces on any construction site.

Facilities requiring routine maintenance, such as warehouses, shopping malls, and airports, can greatly benefit from the DINO 220XTC II. With a maximum working height of 22.10 meters and an outreach of 11 meters, it enables safe and efficient access to high ceilings, lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, and other equipment that require regular servicing.

In industrial settings, the DINO 220XTC II proves its worth by providing reliable and stable access for various tasks. Whether it’s equipment installation, inspection, or repair work, the AWP’s low ground pressure, high tilt angles, and continuous rotation of the boom ensure safe and precise maneuverability in tight spaces.

Pros of the DINO 220XTC II:

It is powerful and efficient, equipped with a strong Kubota diesel engine, the DINO 22XTC II offers excellent gradeability, allowing it to navigate steep inclines with ease. Additionally, the AWP has the option for dual power, enabling it to be used with electricity, reducing emissions and noise levels during indoor operations.

With enhanced safety features installed, the AWP’s automatic levelling feature ensures stability on uneven terrain – with the max levelling capability of 17 degrees side-to-side and front-to-back, with outstanding terrain features. While the hydraulic basket rotation of 180 degrees enables operators to reach work areas with optimal positioning. The inclusion of AC sockets in the basket enhances convenience and productivity by providing power supply for tools and equipment.

The maneuverability and compact design is another amazing pro, the DINO 22XTC II’s narrow width of 1.4 meters (1.18 meters when the basket is rotated) makes it ideal for accessing confined spaces. The proportional controls, coupled with a powerful engine, allow for smooth track operation and precise maneuvering. Furthermore, the AWP’s compact dimensions make it easily transportable, and it weighs less than 3.5t, facilitating transportation on a trailer.

Optional extras for the DINO 220XTC II:

The DINO 220XTC II comes with a range of optional features and accessories to further enhance its usability and adaptability to specific requirements.

User-Friendly Radio Control – The addition of a user-friendly control option allows operators to maneuver the AWP remotely, providing greater flexibility and convenience. With this feature, operators can control the machine from a safe distance, optimising visibility and ensuring precise positioning for efficient work execution.

Electro Motor 230V – The DINO 22XTC II offers the option for an electro motor 230V, allowing operators to use the AWP with electricity as the primary power source. This feature is particularly beneficial for indoor operations where emissions and noise levels must be minimised. The electro motor option provides a more environmentally friendly and quieter alternative while maintaining the AWP’s performance capabilities.

Non-Marking Tracks – To protect delicate indoor surfaces, the DINO 220XTC II can be equipped with non-marking tracks. These specialised tracks minimise the risk of leaving marks or damaging floors during operation, making the AWP suitable for tasks in environments such as shopping centres, exhibition halls, and warehouses where surface preservation is crucial.

DINO SafeGuard Secondary Guarding – Safety is paramount when working at heights, and the DINO SafeGuard secondary guarding system provides an additional layer of protection. This optional feature utilises advanced sensors and intelligent technology to detect potential hazards and mitigate the risk of entrapment or collision accidents. It enhances the safety of operators and personnel working in the vicinity of the AWP, offering peace of mind during operation.

LED Working Lights – The inclusion of LED working lights significantly improves visibility during low-light conditions or when working in dimly lit areas. These energy-efficient lights illuminate the work area, ensuring clear visibility of the task at hand and reducing the risk of accidents or errors caused by inadequate lighting.

Tool and Accessory Rack – To enhance productivity and organisation, the DINO 220XTC II offers an optional rack for tools and accessories. This convenient feature allows operators to keep essential equipment and tools within reach, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the ground or other locations to retrieve necessary items. It streamlines workflow, saves time, and improves overall efficiency.

In addition to the above-mentioned options, the DINO 220XTC II provides a comprehensive list of extras that cater to any specific requirement. These include a LED flashing warning light for increased visibility and safety in busy or high-traffic areas, as well as various accessories designed to accommodate specific tasks or conditions.

Overall, the optional features and accessories available for the DINO 220XTC II enhance its functionality, safety, and adaptability, allowing operators to customise the AWP to suit their specific needs. With these extras, the DINO 220XTC II becomes an even more reliable and versatile one of a kind tool, empowering operators to efficiently and effectively tackle a wide range of elevated work tasks across various sectors.


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