CPL Spotlight – 8m Almac Scissor Lifts

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CPL Spotlight – 8m Almac Scissor Lifts

Almac Bibi 870 BL Evo Scissor Lift

Did You Know?

When it comes to compact tracked aerial platforms, the 8m Almac Scissor Lift stands out as a remarkable solution. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to tackle various tasks that require access to elevated areas with precision and efficiency, operated remote use via radio frequency remote controls. Powered by Kubota’s renowned technology – a Kubota Z482 twin-cylinder diesel engine, the Bibi 870 BL Evo offers impressive performance of reaching up to 8 metres and carrying up to 250kg, ease of use, and a range of features that make it an ideal choice for wide range of sectors. Also available is the Bibi 870-BL Bi-Energy. The machine offers the same market leading characteristics but  has a thermal and electric engine.

Innovative Aerial Platform

Let’s delve into the world of this innovative aerial platform and explore its best sectors, specific advantages, and optional extras.

The Almac Bibi 870 BL is a versatile machine that finds its application in a wide range of sectors.

Here are some industries that can greatly benefit from its capabilities:

The Bibi 870 BL is an indispensable tool for construction companies involved in building construction, renovation projects, or infrastructure development. Its compact size, combined with excellent manoeuvrability and impressive 8 metre working height, allows for efficient access to elevated work areas, such as installing facades, conducting inspections, or performing maintenance work. Although its compact size it has the weight capacity of 250kg, allowing two workers as well as a set amount of tools be taken up to the desired height.

Facilities management companies can rely on the Bibi 870 for various tasks, including routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs in large buildings or complexes. With its precise controls and impressive outreach, it simplifies accessing tight spaces, ensuring optimal productivity and reducing downtime.

Maintenance of outdoor spaces, landscaping and gardening businesses find the Bibi 870 indispensable for pruning trees, trimming hedges, and maintaining parks and gardens. Its compact dimensions enable it to navigate through narrow pathways and delicate landscapes, while its versatile platform provides a stable and secure work surface for elevated tasks.

The Bibi 870 BL is well-suited for industrial facilities that require regular maintenance of machinery, equipment, or infrastructure at height. With its electric option, it ensures safe access to complex structures and hard-to-reach areas without emitting pollutants.

Specific Pros of the Almac Bibi 870 BL

The Almac Bibi 870 BL offers numerous advantages that set it apart from traditional aerial platforms. Here are some specific pros of this remarkable equipment:

Compact and Agile Design – the Bibi 870 BL’s compact size allows it to manoeuvre through narrow spaces, such as doorways, alleys, and crowded construction sites, without compromising its impressive performance. Its low ground pressure and rubber tracks ensure minimal impact on delicate surfaces, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, with a reduced noise and smoke emission engine you can really rely on the Bibi 870 to comply with anywhere you may need to work.

High Working Height and Outreach – with a maximum working height of 8 metres, the Bibi 870 BL offers outstanding reach for accessing elevated areas.

All-terrain capability, equipped with rubber tracks and powerful drive motors, the Bibi 870 BL Evo can operate on various terrains, including uneven or rugged surfaces. This feature makes it suitable for outdoor projects, such as construction sites or landscaping tasks, where stability and traction are crucial as it is able to overcome slopes up to 20 degrees longitudinally and 15 degrees laterally, which really gives you the freedom to work anywhere on any project from the factory floor to the hilly wildlife.

Intuitive Controls and Safety Features – the 8m Almac Scissor Lift is designed with user-friendly radio frequency controls that enhance operator convenience and productivity. Its ergonomic joystick and intuitive interface ensure precise and smooth manoeuvring. Additionally, advanced safety features, including overload sensors, anti-tilt systems, and emergency stop buttons, prioritize the well-being of operators during their trading operations.

Optional Extras for Enhanced Functionality

To further enhance the functionality and versatility of the Bibi 870, Almac offers a range of optional extras:

Various basket accessories, such as tool trays and holders, enable operators to organise equipment and tools efficiently, enhancing productivity during tasks.

Non-marking rubber tracks are available as an option, ensuring that the Bibi 870 leaves no marks or traces on sensitive surfaces, making it suitable for indoor projects or areas with strict cleanliness requirements.

Additional lighting options, including LED work lights or beacon lights, can be installed to improve visibility in low-light conditions or to increase the visibility of the equipment on construction sites.

The 8m Almac Scissor Lift revolutionises access to elevated areas with its exceptional performance, compact design, and versatility. Across various sectors, from construction and facilities management to landscaping and industrial maintenance, this aerial platform delivers efficiency, precision, and safety. With features like working height of up to 8metres, carrying up to 250kg, all-terrain capability, intuitive controls, and optional extras, the Bibi 870 empowers operators to complete tasks with ease and productivity. Whether it’s reaching challenging heights or manoeuvring through tight spaces, this innovative machine proves to be a reliable partner in achieving elevated success.

We have a Diesel and a Bi-Energy version in stock.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration at your location of choice.

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