Over the last 5 years, CPL have been the number one approved converter on Isuzu D-Max Chassis.

When the Defender production ceased , CPL needed a new chassis to mount their market leading access platform. Due to the versatility and light weight characteristics of the D-Max, Isuzu was the perfect choice.

Since then CPL and Isuzu have built a strong relationship and now we are ordering more Isuzu pick-ups than ever before, making CPL Isuzu approved converter of choice. Currently there are over 500 CPL Isuzu conversions in the market and this number is growing substantially. In July CPL will be guests of Isuzu at one of their head office Open Day’s. At this event you will be able to speak with the CPL team and also see some of the Isuzu range of market leading conversions we have to offer.

“We have been delivering high quality platforms on pick-ups as Isuzu approved converter for 5 years and our products are constantly evolving for our customers in partnership with Isuzu. Our goal is to bring platforms on pick-up innovations to the next level thanks to a dedicated engineering processes and a large customer support base.” Stressed Paul Murphy, Director of CPL.

William Brown, Managing Director, Isuzu (UK) Ltd said, “Working with the team at CPL has meant we have been able to deliver a perfectly tailored solution to meet the specific needs of our customers. CPL have helped us both drive specialist fleet Isuzu D-Max sales and repeat business, due largely to the high quality of their aerial platform assembly process. This is an excellent example of a great working partnership.”

CPL was the first aerial platform specialist to meet Isuzu’s quality standards in every aspect of the build process and conversion delivery including warranty and after-sales service.