Try out the Dino 22m Spider at Confor

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Try out the Dino 22m Spider at Confor

Elevating Arboriculture: The Dino 22m Spider – A Must-Have for Tree Care Specialists

Arborists face a unique set of challenges. Their work often takes them to great heights, demanding both finesse and safety. Enter the Dino 22m Spider, a specialised piece of equipment designed specifically for arborists, partnered with a tailor made trailer. Here’s why this machine is an arborist’s dream come true.

The Power of Reach and Versatility

The Dino 220RXT II stands tall with a maximum working height of 22 meters (around 72 feet). This remarkable reach empowers arborists to access the highest branches effortlessly, eliminating the need for precarious climbing or shaky ladders. Whether it’s pruning, trimming, or tree removal, this machine ensures that arborists can safely and efficiently tackle the task at hand.

Maneuverability Redefined

Trees often thrive in the most inaccessible corners. The Dino 220RXT II conquers this challenge with ease. Its compact design and adaptable outrigger system allow it to navigate through narrow spaces, conquer uneven terrain, and even traverse delicate lawns without causing harm. Arborists can position themselves with precision, minimising disruption to the surroundings. We currently have a stock machine available which is accompanied with a lightweight trailer. The full set up come in less than 3.5t making it the perfect solution for the Arborist & Forestry sectors.

Stability with a Spider Boom

Safety is the bedrock of arborist work, and the Dino 220RXT II is designed to deliver it in abundance. Featuring a spider boom configuration, this machine provides unparalleled stability, even on challenging landscapes. Its adjustable legs create a secure platform on slopes, making it the ultimate choice for arborists dealing with hilly terrain.

Simplicity in Operation

Operating the Dino 220RXT II is a breeze. Arborists can swiftly become proficient with its intuitive controls, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity. This ease of use allows more time for focusing on tree care and less on machine mastery.

Safety Features that Inspire Confidence

Safety is never compromised with this equipment. Emergency stop buttons, user-friendly emergency lowering systems, and fall arrest anchor points are integral features, ensuring the protection of arborists during their work.

An Eco-Conscious Approach

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, the Dino 220RXT II takes the lead. It incorporates energy-efficient systems that not only reduce fuel consumption but also keep emissions in check. Arborists can now carry out their tasks while minimising their carbon footprint, aligning with the growing trend of eco-friendly arboriculture.

Resilience in All Conditions

Arborists don’t get to choose the weather when trees require attention. The Dino 220RXT II is constructed to withstand the elements, enabling tree care to continue regardless of rain or shine. This resilience enhances efficiency and minimises downtime.

In conclusion, the Dino 220RXT II is a game-changer for arborists. Its extraordinary reach, unmatched maneuverability, spider boom stability, ease of operation, safety provisions, eco-conscious design, and all-weather performance make it the perfect companion for those entrusted with the care of trees. With this equipment at their disposal, arborists can ascend to new heights in their profession, ensuring that trees receive the meticulous care they deserve, safely and efficiently.

Meet us on stands L8 & L14 at this years Confor, and try out the machine for yourself. Our Sector Specialists will be available to show you the unique features and discuss your requirements.

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